Old Spaghetti House

Last saturday, Ian and I went to Cash and Carry. This is the first time we walked around on the said mall. Since we are both first timer, we look like an innocent child searching for the right place to go. Haha..

Around 4:30pm, we decided to have our merienda. The 1st restaurant we saw was Old Spaghetti House. We already tried this restaurant way back August 08, 2008 in celebration of 08-08-08 with my officemates.

We greeted by a super nice waitress and accompanied us to the couch. We requested to have 2 glass of water first.

Then, finally we finalized our orders. Ian try the Spaghetti Italian Sausage Full.

Italian Sausage Full Php 170.00

Since I really love carbonara ever since, I try their Carbonara Full.

Carbonara Full Php 140.00

Ian is craving for Nachos 2 weeks ago, so he ordered Nacho Supreme good for 2 persons.

Nacho Supreme Php 125.00

We ended up our full blast merienda with picture taking of course..

The Old Spaghetti House
Cash and Carry
Level 3, Filmore St.,
Makati City