Energy Drink

Ian and I stroll around Cash and Cary last Saturday, February 06. We reached 2nd level and entered to a store who sells imported products from toiletries, chocolates, perfume and energy drink. I noticed Ian looking for something in energy drink section. I asked him what makes him bother; he told me that he was confused what kind of energy drink he will buy. I asked him again, if he needs it and for what it is, he answered me immediately, "I need it during my work out!" Oh, I remember he always go off to gym 3 times a week and have his dream 6 packs soon in preparation for summer.. Haha..

I'm getting mystified when he asked for the price of a 5LB 100% Whey Gold Standard; I was surprised when the sales lady asnwered, "Sir, Php 2,200.00 po." What?!!!! That's too expensive for an energy drink.

But he makes his decision to avail it. Before that he told me not to speak at all. He knows that I'm not in favor of that. That's too pricey. But I promised him to keep my mouth shut!

Finally, after reviewing the contents and the amount of protein included, he immediately asked the sales lady to get a new stock of extreme milk chocolate. When the sales lady already present the energy drink, I looked at his face and noticed the smile on his lips. I told myself that I made the right decision to keep my mouth close and let Ian do what he really want to do. But still, that milk is too precious!

5LB 100% Whey Gold Standard Php 2,200.00