Seven Years

They say that the seventh year is the most challenging for any couple, that’s why there’s thing called the seven-year itch. During this period, couples will either be feeling restless and unsatisfied, or be more in love than ever.

They say that when you sail through your seventh year together, you will be able to sail through all the years that you will share together. Congratulations to us honey for making it this far! It was not an easy journey. Look back on all the things that we went through together and the lessons that we learned, I know that whatever problems may come, we will surpass it. 

In the thirteen years that we’ve been together, we also went through 13 years’ worth of happiness and heartaches. We also went through a series of discoveries and realizations. There was a lot of failing, learning, understanding, and forgiving. You know what I mean, right. 

I never thought that we would get this far in our relationship. Life has not been perfect in the last 13 years that we were together. There were times when we just wanted to give up and let go. There were times when we just questioned all the choices and decisions that led us to where we were. But I’m so glad that we did not give up. I’m so glad that we only held on tighter when everything was telling us to let go. I’m so glad that we only let our love for each other prevail. Now I know that there’s nothing that can break us after all of that.

Honey, you have shown me the real meaning of love. You have taught me that love is not always easy and comfortable, but that love is more beautiful when it undergoes changes, struggles, and hardships. You have proven to me that love is not a word, but an emotion that you demonstrate every single day. You make it so easy for me to love you and I know I’m not the easiest person to love, but you make it look so effortless. 

I’m not afraid of what’s to come because I know that our love has stood the test of time. It’s sometimes better to experience a few disappointments and heartbreaks every now and then because they teach you to be stronger and braver, remember that calm seas never make for a strong couple. I believe that the years that lie ahead of us only promise us great and beautiful things because as long as our love is strong and our faith is unshakeable, we’re going to be okay. 

Thank you for being the light in my time of darkness. Thank you for your love that fuels my days and I know that I am truly blessed for having you in my life. One thing is for sure, I want you for always, I want you forever and I want you every single day of my life. I’m thankful for the 13 years of love and understanding and I know that we have many more years to spend together. We have survived several storms of our own, and each one has made us stronger, braver, and more in love with each other. 

Thirteen years full of life-changing experiences, strong life lessons, and a deeper and stronger relationship.

Happy 13th Anniversary as Couple.
Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary.

I love you to Infinity and Beyond! 

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