Just Rhian and Rhaine: Friends for Life

Time flies so fast and I know super gasgas na talaga yung salitang yan but when I became mother, time ang kalaban ko lagi. Ang bilis ng oras! Ang bilis lumaki ng mga anak ko. I can still remember nung baby pa sila but now I have 4 year old and 3 year old daughters who have different personality with each other. Pareho silang unique and talagang lumalabas na yung ugali nila. I cannot say that I have perfect kids but I’m proud to say that we raised them to have a happy heart, to be humble and god-fearing children. 

Today, I just want to share how beautiful they are inside and out. Super proud ako sa kanila, from very shy type kids to very jolly and outgoing person. Sharing with you their latest photos and talaga naman nakakatuwa silang magkapatid.

RHIAN at 4 Years Old

Turning 5 soon!
First time to curl her hair
Linggo ng Wika
My own Princess Elsa :)
Celebrating her Daddy's Birthday

RHAINE at 3 Years Old

At Makati Medical Center, follow up check-up :)
At Kidzooona, Venice Taguig
With Lala Chan at Kidzooona Venice Taguig
My own Princess Anna
While waiting for Ate


Twinning Dress from Great Kids
Check up time :)
Tea Party at the Balcony

At School
Because we love to eat - Buffet for Lunch
Before mag dance ng Momoland :)
By the way, one of our friends asked me last week if we are ready for #BabyNumber3 baka daw kasi baby boy na yun if ever. Hhhmmm… honestly, I wish to have baby boy in the future but not now maybe after 5 years as we’re still enjoying our two kiddos. Plus the fact na magastos manganak and madami pa kaming need isettle so wag muna but if God’s will na bigyan kami ng #BabyNumber3, we will be forever grateful and thankful for him as baby is always a blessings from God, right? :)
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