Yes! You read it right! Ako ang nagwagi! I'm sorry for not updating my blog as I'm so busy these past few days, as in haggardo versoza ako because we just moved in sa new house namin. (I will make kwento about our #ProjectHappyHome and #TeamVillarealHome pag nakaluwag ulit ako. hihi)

Anyway, I love my job, I love the company where I work, I have lots of friends here and I love my bosses. In my workplace it's like we're a BIG family, nag susuportahan that's why I joined the company's mini event (it was organized by the Budget team headed by Sir Jon. - special mention ka dito sir ha.) So how this competition started? Honestly, I can't remember kung bakit nga ba sya naulit ulit (Yes, even before I joined in this company meron na sila nito) pero ang tanda ko is it was started right after our company sport fest. I was hesitant to join in this event kasi feeling ko sexy na ko at wala na kong ipapayat pa but I'm wrong! Totally WRONG! 

We have registration of Php 1,500 each participant and we are the lucky 9 who accepted the challenge to be "FIT and HEALTHY" again. (I already blog the first part of it, click here) Imagine, if you won in this competition panalong panalo ka na because you already lose weight, may prize ka pa! San ka pa db? 

We started our journey last September 2017 and lasted today, February 28, 2018 so almost 5 months right. If you will ask me why I join this competition, my answer is so simple “Gusto ko ng masuot ulit ang mga dati kong damit!” Yes! I have lots of clothes na hindi na kasya sa akin, because from Medium size, nagging XL na ko sad to say sometimes XXL ang mga damit ko. I experience bullying, nakarinig na ko na sasabihan akong “Barney”, “May salbabida sa tyan” and the most unforgettable is when one of my officemates asked me “Buntis ka ba?” O db, ang sakit mga beshies! That’s why, sabi ko sa sarili ko, I need a change! I need to prove them that I can build a new and better version of myself.  

This is me before joining the contest :)
The first week after our initial weigh in is so difficult and very challenging for me, I need to change my lifestyle towards my journey to physical fitness and wellness. Hindi naman biglaan ika nga slowly but surely and pagpapapayat ko and as a matter of fact, I want to achieve my desired weight. I know it will not be an easy journey but I believe it will be worth it.  So let me share you the rules of the game, this is very simple and very fair. The winner is determined by the most body weight percentage loss. In the case of a tie, the 2 players tied will have extra week to further lose weight to determine the winner. The pot money is Php 13,500 for the winner! Solo nya lahat yan. Win-Win narin para sa registration na Php 1,500, in case you didn’t win at least you lose weight naman db?

Our weekly weigh-in will be every Monday morning. We have 22 weeks journey para ma achieve ang ideal weight namin or in short ang pumayat. I know you will tell me, “Ang tagal ng 22 weeks” Yes! Matagal talaga sya, pero ngayon ko lang rin na realized na matagal pala talaga magpapayat lalo na kung di mo sya masyadong seseryosohin. But like me na I have motivation in life, I go for strict diet and exercise! Challenge accepted!

On our 2nd weigh-in I lost 3.7lbs or 2.6% from my initial weigh-in which makes me on top of the list. I only gain weight once during the entire 22 weeks and I’m proud to say that after 5 months of struggles, successes and all of the exerted efforts I did, I won the competition.

So eto na, I will share to you what I did for 5 months to give you inspiration and hope you can do the same para to sa kinabukasan natin mga beshies. I changed my eating habits including counting calories each meal. I ate rice naman, but half rice only. My breakfast is sweet potato, or yogurt (non-fat), or boiled egg or saging na saba. For my lunch, I ate half cup of white rice for 3 months then regular dish (kahit sinigang na baboy pa yan yun parin ulam ko) for my merienda, I ate wheat bread with palaman, normal kain sa merienda ika nga, I need to eat slight heavy as I have Zumba class every Tuesday and Thursday. O teka, baka sabihin nyo nag enroll ako sa gym or formal Zumba class ha, mali kayo kasi dito lang ako sa office namin nag zu-zumba. I have officemates na kasama and kami kami lang nag zuzumba, we have video na ginagayahan kaya its so easy for us na sundan. (Thanks Grace Go for the video). I ate dinner parin, yun nga lang no rice more on vegetable, fish and fruits. This is my routine for 3 months.

On the 4th month, I change my meals from white rice to brown rice. Yes! Sabi nila malaking factor daw ang brown rice (Thanks to Henry Aldave sa gift nyang brown rice).  On the 5th month, I only ate salad for lunch the rest is the same. Yes! Gulay gulay ang kinakain ko sa lunch, no rice for 28 days! If you will ask me, kung may cheat day parin ako, of course I have. Remember we have #MarriageFirstFriday and every weekend is my cheat day but I make sure na mag ru-run ako the following day or mag eexercise to burn all the calories I take. 

Very challenging talaga sa amin lahat tong contest na to, kasi dumaan ang Holidays (Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day), ako nag birthday pa so I need to control my intake. There are times that I want to give up, na wala na kong nababawas na timbang, Yes! Dumating rin ako sa point na nag weight loss plateau na ko for 3 weeks and medyo na depress ako that time.  It’s not easy promise but after 5 months, look at me now. 

Before and After Photo Ops
Left Photo: Napagkakamalan Buntis
Right Photo: Napagkakamalan Dalaga (Naks!)

The new version of me! I lose 30lbs or 14 kilos, halos kabigat na sya ng bunso kong anak.
I’m so happy now, as in! Nakakatouch yung makarinig ka ng compliments from other people na hindi mo naman ka close, yung mga likes and good comments nila because of my new look, yung mga di ko naman talaga kilala then mag memessage sa akin kung pano ako pumayat and anong secret ko at yung mga taong dati tinutukso ako ngayon proud na proud sa akin. Nakakataba ng puso promise!

I got lots of PM at IG and FB telling me that they are so proud of me and inspiration daw nila ako sa goals nila. I heard lots of stories na sinasabi nilang kahit anong gawin nila di sila pumapayat kaya gusto nilang malaman kung anong ginagawa ko, I gave them advise and words of encouragement not to lose hope and set a goals para maging motivation nila yun. I told them that they gotta stay disciplined to get where you want to be. “Discipline” is the key for the successful weight lost. Kasi kung wala kang disiplina lalo na sa pagkain, don’t expect na marereach mo yung weight goal mo. Learn to say "NO" to temptations like what I did for 5 months. I thought na di ko makakaya na di kumain ng junk foods because I love chichiria, can you imagine I can eat one big junk food in 5 minutes! Yes! Adik ako dun, but when I joined the Biggest Loser I accepted the challenge myself to lose weight. At first mahirap talaga but try to think this, there is no short cut to getting the body you want and there is no magic pill all you need to do is to put extra effort and time. 

I don’t know if I can maintain this figure and this weight (I’m currently 113lbs) but this is now the real challenge for me, ang hindi na ulit bumalik sa 140lbs at ma-maintain ko sya. My husband and my family are so proud of me, now they are asking for another baby since payat na ko. Haha. Mas nagmukha daw kasi akong bata ngayon. Hihi. I am so happy to be able to inspire some of my friends and other people about my journey towards healthy lifestyle. 

So to all my readers out there na nawawalan ng pag asang pumayat, don’t lose hope! In 2 weeks, you’ll feel it. In 4 weeks, you’ll see it. In 8 weeks you’ll hear it. So keep it up! If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal. So don’t lose hope, start today lose the weight!

I make them regret the day they called me FAT!
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