#TeamVillarealTravels: Sumlang Lake, Albay

After our short trip to Cagsawa Ruins, we headed at Sumlang Lake in Camalig Albay. It was actually referred to us by our friend and told us that this is the newest tourist attraction in albay, good thing we include this in our list because we really enjoyed cruising on the lake using bamboo rafts. I’m so happy that my kids love and appreciate nature; in fact they keep on saying “Mommy, daming trees”.

We pay Php 20/each for environmental fee and another Php 25/each for the raft tour. You will be surprised because it’s not just a bamboo raft, they placed couches with different style and design which makes your cruising more comfortable while watching the Mt. Mayon. According to tour guide, Sumlang Lake is said to be the single body water that can catch the perfect shape of Mt. Mayon. Kaya lang again, nahiya si Mayon kaya paa lang nya ang nakita namin. Ang daya!

My kids are really happy in this place especially when we were cruising on the lake. We were accompanied by boatmen using long wooden poles to move the raft, according to our boatmen the lake is between 4-5 feet deep.  

There are several activities you can do in this place, like Kayaking and Aqua Biking which cost Php 50/each for 30 minutes. Camping and Swimming are not allowed, there are snacks and drinks available for purchased at the intermittent location.

How I wish we can stay here a little more time to just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery but we need to leave the place as we have other places to visit. Ang sarap tumira dito, fresh air, tahimik and very peaceful. In short, ang ganda sa probinsya!

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