Mommy Diaries: Keeping my children’s memories

I want to preserve my children’s memories, I want to capture every single details about their childhood so that when they grew up they will have something to recall of their own early years. Even before we got married or during our bf/gf stage, Ian and I have lots of photo albums if I remember correctly, we have 10 big albums (take note: yung pinaka  malaking album ha), we printed our photos every special events in our life, our travels together, monthsaries, or kahit mga wacky shots napaprint rin namin. Our goal that time is we want something to look forward when we grow old. Syempre pag matanda na kami hirap ng gumamit ng pc or cellphone and if hindi mo naman makikita yung mga pictures pag nasa hard disk lang sya db. So when my children were born, we decided to continue on what we’re doing.

As moms, we know how important the little gestures can be and so here are some ways on how we document our children memories.

1. Taking lots of photos

If you’re following me on Instagram, you will notice that everyday I post a picture of my kids and my family. I want to remember every single detail of our happy memories, good thing my kids love to pose, hindi na kami nahihirapan magpa pose sa kanila kasi automatic na when they saw a camera or even cellphone, ayun aawra na. My husband and I invest a storage device (hard drive) where we can save our photos and keep them safe in a couple of years. We don’t have to worry about losing our pictures just in case our laptop will crash.

2. Get personalized Photobooks

I got hooked in personalized photobooks from Photobook Philippines last 3 years ago. In fact, we have 50 pcs 6x6inches mini square photobooks, 3 pcs 8x11 inches Medium Portrait Imagewrap Standard Hardcover and two pcs 11x8.5 inches Medium Landscape Imagewrap I want our beautiful memories to be placed in a personalized photobook, eto na kasi ang uso ngayon eh. So kung dati, nagpapaprint pa kami isa isa ng pictures, now upgraded na kami. The photobook itself is a bit pricey, good thing I always got a discount voucher from Metrodeal.
I tend to leave them memories that will last a lifetime. That, I think, is worth much more than any amount of money.

If you want to get your own personalized photobooks, you may sign up at Photobook Philippines. Don’t worry because it’s FREE!

3. Keeping my children’s memorabilia

I keep my kids birth tags, 1st swaddle, 1st dress, 1st toy and even their umbilical cord, yung pinagputulan ng connection namin.  I save all of them because I want to remember the day I became a mom. I want to treasure it kasi nga mabilis na silang lumaki. I still remember the day when I was at the Delivery room in Makati Med twice, sometimes whenever I see the those keepsakes I can’t keep myself but to cry. Literally, iyak ha, minsan nasasabihan na ko ng asawa ko na madrama ako but ganon ata talaga pag mother ka na, “pusong mammon” kung baga.

This is the official hashtag we used of our kids in our social media accounts. In that way, we can easily filter all the photos of our kids. Hindi na sya mahirap mahanap, both Instagram and FB , remember our official hashtag, #MarriageFirstFriday na nag click sa masa, this hashtag is now also popular for our friends. One time, one of my friends asked me kung bakit wala pa daw akong entry for #LifewithRhaine, I told her na meron na but I forgot to include her hashtag. O kita mo may nagreremind pa sa akin. Haha.

5. Preserving their artworks

Rhian is 3 years old while Rhaine is turning 2 this August and I’m proud to say that they are both artistic. Why? Ang galing ng imagination nila when it comes in arts and drawing. Of course bias ako pero iba talaga, so what I did was I preserve the artwork that they done because I know in the future when I tell them the stories behind that drawing, matatawa nalang sila. 

6. On-going: Write letters in their personal notebooks.

Savor the details and create a memory notebook.

I started this journal this month and as much as I can, I’ve tried to write a simple note for my kids. I wrote every milestones they achieved for the day, my apologies when I hurt them, my joy of seeing them every day, kahit anong masulat ko na gusto kong sabihin sa kanila, I write it in their personal journal so that when they grow up or when they can read na, mababasa at malalaman nila what happened on that day. No need na super haba ng notes, a simple but touching letters will do. I don’t know if they will ready it someday but knowing my kids, they probably will. Someday, when they’re all grown up and have their own family and kids, I have something to reminisce about the time they were my babies.

These are the things I’ve done for my children and hopefully you’ll find one that inspires you. Remember, being a mother is one of the best, toughest and happiest jobs in the world. 
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