Mommy Diaries: The Twinning and our so-called “Three-ning”

We love to dressed up and take pictures. I love seeing my kids in their twinning clothes and how they pose in front of the camera. You know what, it will take at least 10 shots for me to capture a decent photo, ang hirap kaya masaktuhan na 2 silang nakatingin at naka smile. Sharing with you some of their #OOTD poses during our weekend gala.

There are times that I want to be part of their “twinning” kaya syempre papahuli ba naman ang nanay, of course not! So here are some of our “Three-ning” OOTD.

I got hooked in buying mother-daughter clothes online, nakakaadict pala. I have one trusted seller in Instagram and I‘m very satisfied with her products. Ganon ata talaga if you have daughters, you like to dress them up every time you will be out to the mall or you have special occasions to attend. I noticed that it is very convenient to shop clothing for girls compare to boys (well, I’m not biased ha although I have 2 beautiful daughters). There are wide arrays of dresses and blouses for girls compare to males kaya you have lots of choices to choose from.

Whenever we stroll at mall, we make sure to check the latest trending clothes for girls. Ang sarap kasing mag window shopping, from colorful dresses to feminine style for your little ones, ang sarap magka baby girl. I’m not saying that I don’t like to have a son, kasama yan sa mga future plans namin ni Ian but for now I’m enjoying my two young ladies. 

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