How to choose the RIGHT and PERFECT CAR!

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Finding the right and perfect car for you and your family is very challenging and time consuming. I remember my dad when I’m still single, he used to think and research what kind of car he will going to buy for us (we are family of 5) it took him almost 4 months to decide and finally he bought Honda Civic as our 1st car.

We decided to buy our own car when Rhian was born. My husband told me that we need it for safety and comfortability of our daughter. We have limited experience with car shopping in fact we do lots of research before deciding to purchase our own wheels. Can you believe that it takes us 6 months before finally deciding to get one?

For newly car owners like us, it is so important to conduct right research about the car you wished for and if you want to avoid making mistake here are some tips on choosing the right and perfect car for you:

1. Set a budget and know how to haggle

One of the most important factors and the toughest part that you should consider in getting a new car is your budget. How much car can you afford? The total price, down payment and monthly amortization. Know also how to haggle with the dealer, ask for discounted price, payment terms and if your salesman is friendly and generous, you can ask for freebies.

2. Determine the car type that suits your needs

Assess your needs and keep in mind some considerations. Like us, we’re family of 4 with two toddlers in tow so we need bigger space for our things like we have two strollers, baby bags and milk storage. Safety features are also important for us, good thing that cars now have child-lock system.

3. Always Test Drive

Before we purchased our car, my husband does the test drive for him to experience it and be familiar with the parts.  It is also important to make sure it feels right for you and your driving needs.

4. Ask for other dealers

Have comparison with other dealers. This will give you full understanding of competitive prices in the market. Once you have the canvass sheet, then it is time for your to choose the best dealers that offers reasonable price.

5. Do lots of research and read reviews

This is very important thing you should do when deciding to buy a car, do lots of RESEARCH! There are lots of website in internet and one of it is which offers different car types, models, brands, competitive price, lots of reviews and huge selection of information about cars. I strongly suggest that you should visit this site to have ideas about different cars you’re eyeing for. 

Like us, we do lots of research online, read reviews about the car and ask some of our friends who has the same model as ours. Research will help you a lot in finding the perfect and right car at the best price for you. Don’t rush when buying car, just take your time and learn about it because these will guide you in purchasing the perfect car for you.

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