Product Review + Giveaway: Baby Care Plus+ Pink

Having two active toddlers in the house is very tiring yet fulfilling. I guess they really don’t like the word “Behave” Or “Sit Still” instead they want to be FREE like a bird. My children seems to have endless energy everyday that can often leave me desperate for ways to keep them occupied, so imagine how tired I am because of them (though I’m not complaining ha.) but you know what if you let your kids to be free and let them do what they love to do, they actually enjoying their toddler stage and that is very healthy for them. Remember, time really flies so fast so spend your time with your little darling.

Toddlers are exposed to dirt, germs and “amoy-araw” especially this season, Summer! So as parents, we need to protect our baby’s skin from dryness and irritation, that’s why I make sure that I spend most of my time with my kids and took place in taking them bath. Twice kaya silang naliligo to keep them freshen all day. Happily, my Tupperware Brands family sent me one set of the new Baby Care Plus + Pink products for my children.  Baby Care Plus+ Pink is the newest line added under our Baby Care Plus category. It has a mild, fresh baby scent in citrus with floral notes which will surely make your little one smell fresh. It is also Dermatologist- tested and Hypoallergenic so 100% mild and safe to my children.

My children have very sensitive skin, so I am too careful on using baby products specially soap and lotion. We tested Baby Care Plus products to my kids for weeks and here are my personal reviews about the products.

Baby Bath with Lamesoft Skin Protector. It forms a natural barrier around skin that protects while cleaning for softer, smoother skin. It is also gently cleanses and conditions baby’s sensitive skin and hair leaving it soft, smooth and freshly scented. What I like about this Baby Bath is that it has mild pH-balanced formula that won’t irritate my baby’s skin and mild fresh baby scent. I used this product for my kids for a week now and happy to say that I am loving this Baby Bath, kasi kahit small amount lang ilagay sa sponge super bula na nya and plus factor pa is it smell so fresh.

Baby Shampoo with Cetiol Conditioners moisturizes baby’s hair and scalp preventing dryness leaving hair soft, silky & freshly fragrant. My kids have a smooth and shining hair and this Baby Shampoo from Baby Care Plus is perfect for them why? because it gently cleanses their sensitive hair and conditions my baby’s scalp. It also leave their hair silky smooth. It also offers mild fresh scent which is safe to baby and kids.

Baby Powder, this product has Allantoin that works as an anti-irritant to soothe baby’s skin while keeping it fresh and dry. It has a mild formula that helps your baby in decreasing the risk of inhalation. It’s really ideal for sensitive babies like my kids. I love the powdery scent for the first time I used it actually my kids won’t stop putting baby powder on their face when I opened it.

Baby Soap forms a natural barrier around skin that protects while cleaning for softer, smoother skin. So far this is the right soap for my kids, since it cleanses and cares for my baby’s sensitive skin. Ang bango pa nya promise! I even used it on my face, so far I love the result. 

Baby Cologne, a gentle low-alcohol cologne with special Hydraplus formula that contains moisturizers to help prevent dryness, leaving baby’s sensitive skin, soft, smooth and freshly fragrant. With a mild pH-balanced formula that won’t irritate baby’s skin and a mild fresh baby scent. I got surprised when my Sister told me that she’s using this Baby Cologne for more than a year na and I agreed to her that this cologne is super bango because of its baby scent. This is perfect for my kids!

Baby Lotion, a light lotion that’s smooth and gentle on the skin with 24Hr locked-in moisturizers that lock in moisture and Vitamin E to leave baby’s skin feeling velvety smooth and soft all day. With a mild pH-balanced formula that won’t irritate baby’s skin and a mild fresh baby scent. I love this lotion because it doesn’t feel sticky at all, it really moisturize my baby’s skin, no unpleasant smell kahit na nagpawis na and lastly still feeling fresh even when you sweat. You know what, Rhaine’s dry skin were all gone after a week of using it. Galing Db!

Always remember that buying baby care products can be really challenging so we need to have high standards and consider some issues like it is safe for your babies, is this free from toxic etc,. So I definitely recommend Baby Care Plus to everyone especially to parents with kiddos like me.

Putting some Baby Care Lotion after taking a bath
And because I love my readers so much, one lucky winner will receive one set of Baby Care Plus + Pink products which contain Baby Soap, Baby Powder, Baby Cologne, Baby Lotion, Baby Shampoo and Baby Bath. The prize must be claimed at one of the Tupperware Brands branches. (I will send via email their complete address.)

Here you go. 

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Note: This giveaway is sponsored by Tupperware Brands. All opinions are on my own and based on my experience. 
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