Just Rhian and Rhaine: #OOTD

Hello Guys! I’m back and thank God it’s Friday! Time flies way too fast and as I look at my children I got teary eyed because ang bilis naman nilang lumaki. I swear! It seems like it was only yesterday that I was changing their diapers and watching their first steps, and now look at them now, they grew up happy kids.

One of the perks of being a mother to two beautiful children is that I have human dolls. Ang saya and ang sarap nilang bihisan lalo na pag parehas sila ng damit. So I want to share it with you some of their #OOTD during our weekend gala. Oh by the way, my children already knows na pag aalis kami automatic na may picture taking sila kaya they alam na nila kung pano mag pose.


Top: Hello Kitty | Palda: Hello Kitty | Shoes: Sugar Kids
Dress: Mothercare | Shoes: Sugar Kids
Top: H&M | Shorts: H&M | Shoes: Sugar Kids
Top: Little Miss Cupcake | Skirt: Gingersnaps | Shoes: Dora


Dress: Mothercare | Shoes: Smart Fit
Dress: Gymboree | Shoes: Smart Fit

P.S.  Dear children, please don’t grow up so fast. I know for a fact (but I’m still in denial stage) that you will grow up to be a fine ladies and someday I know you will find your prince charming but hey girls, even though you’re all grown up, you both will always be my babies. 

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