Mommy Diaries: The day I want to be a Full-Time Mom

ChingChing – Mommy, wag ka na po pasok sa office.
Me – Hindi pwede anak eh, kasi need ni Mommy mag work para sa atin. Para may pambili si Mommy ng food, clothes mo and ni Rhaine pati Milk nyo..
ChingChing – Di ba pwede Daddy nalang po punta office?
Me – Hindi pa natin kaya sa ngayon eh, pero promise in time dito nalang si Mommy sa bahay.
ChingChing – Hindi po ba Mommy pwede sa bahay?
Me – Anong gagawin natin dito sa bahay?
ChingChing – Dito po tayo sa taas, tulog, nood, kain, laro.. (Sabay hug sa akin.)

This is our conversation with our panganay during my SL last month.

I work at the corporate world for almost 11 years and sometimes I think that I need to change my career path, that I want to focus on my family and at the same time build a new business so I can manage my time on my own. Hearing those words from my daughter who is only 2 years old, think me twice as I want to be a full time mom. Actually napag usapan na namin ni Ian to before and we have a mutual decision na after 5 years pag medyo nabawasan na yung utang namin, I will be a full-time mom to our children. I am a hands-on Mom, I prepare my kids breakfast, lunch and dinner, I make sure that my full attention is with my kids whenever I’m at home. No work related, no phone calls, no tv, no  IPAD, no cellphone because my mind and attention is purely on my kids only.

The moment I stepped out in the house for work, I open my cellphone and monitor our kids via CCTV installed within our home. Minsan nga may nagsabi pa sa akin na para daw akong si “Big Brother” kasi halos 24/7 naka open yung CCTV sa phone ko, but I told them that I want to check if our yaya’s are doing well. Mahirap na lalo na sa panahon ngayon, kaya if God’s permitted I will choose to stay at home and be a full-time mom like others.

My children are growing up so fast, in the next few months Rhian will turn 3 and go to school next year. On the other hand, Rhaine is now a toddler who enjoys exploring things on her own. I want to be at their side 24/7, but how can I do that if I work for almost 9 hours, 5 days a week.  I know this is sounds crazy, but I know I meant to be a full-time mom someday. Maybe not now since we’re still coping from our debts but we never know baka mas mapaaga sa 5 years hihintayin ko to be a full-time mom. 

So ayun lang, have a great weekend guys!
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