Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Happy 11th Month Baby Rhiane

Hi Darling, today is your special day as you are now 11 months old. Wohooo… One more month to go, 1 year old ka na. My gosh, time really flies so fast. It’s like yesterday when I was at the delivery room alone and praying for my safe delivery. Now, look at you sweetheart, ang laki laki mo na and super kulit.

You develop so many milestones at this moment, before you just crawl within the house but now you can walk na with help. Most of the time, you want to stand and walk on your own (ika nga namin, yayabang yabang ka na naman.. Hehe) you also love to stand near our television set and started to throw the remote controls and everything na mahawakan mo, I don’t know why you do that but according to your dad, it’s your fun way to explore things.

At your age, you love opening drawers and cabinet. In fact, pag nasa taas na tayo the first thing you will do is to crawl towards my cabinet, open it and throw all my clothes. Magaling na baby! You are also our little climber, you are not afraid to try things that are new to your eyes like tables, chairs and even countertops. Kaya kulang ang 1 tao na tumitingin sayo, kasi malingat lang, lagot na. You are very adventurous anak.

Other than high 5, close open, align and clap your hands, you can now hold my hands and bless, when I say “Show your tongue” you will show your small tongue and when I say, “Where is the light?” you will raise your hand and point upward. I’m so happy now because I can now get a response from you, although sometimes I need to think what you are trying to say. You know what Rhaine, you begin to communicate us but what I love most is when you look in our eyes, smile and give us a warm kiss. Yes! You do that every day lalo na pag uwi namin ng bahay. Sometimes you get easily irritated when you didn’t get what you want, when your ate took away a toy or anything from you, it’s like you are throwing tantrums and all you have to do is to cry. You already learned different emotions and I’m so proud of you.

You already have discovered the words “Mama”, “Ate”, and “No”. Your communication begins now and I’m so excited to hear more words from you. When I call you name, you will immediately look at me and crawl, kaya minsan niloloko kita at tumatakbo ako dahan dahan kasi ang bilis mong gumapang. I’m so proud whenever people say na advance ka masyado for 11 months old, maybe because every baby is different and they master different skills at different ages. Our secret is that we build your confidence by letting you learn something at your own pace like what we did to your sister. In other words, hinahayaan ka namin na madiscover ang iba’t ibang bagay, no rush at all anak ha.

Now let’s proceed with your eating milestone, you know what anak you can feed yourself now using your fingers. Let’s say, we give you a biscuit, you know how to pick it up and eat it. Kahi na super kalat mong kumain, okay lang kasi its part of growing up. You love vegetables and rice, in fact hindi ka maselan sa pagkain or should I say you are not picky eater. You love fruits especially avocado! As in nakakaubos ka ng 1 buong avocado in one sitting. You love eggs, chicken and soup, you love mammon and marie biscuits, well these are all good snack options. As of now, I keep trying new food for you, I don’t force you to eat because I let you and your ate decide when you are both full. I found out kasi that based on research, the kids who are made to clean their plates often turn into obesity or overeaters later on life, and I don’t what you to be like that. By the way, you still love milk and you can consume at least 40oz per day, yun nga lang hindi ka talaga tabain which according to your ninang doc, it’s normal. Meron daw talagang mga bata na kahit gaano kalakas kumain, hindi nataba and you are one of them.

At night, you love reading books together with your sister. You can now turn the pages of the books and I saw you looking at the pictures and smile. I think, natutuwa ka sa mga colorful pictures that’s why your daddy bought you new set of books. You love to play with your ate but what I love seeing you is when your ate is sleeping, you will crawl on her bed and cuddle her. Such a sweet little baby.

Rhaine, you love playing with your mouth and tongue. As in naliligo kami sa laway mo. Your dad asked me one time, “San ba natututunan ng anak mo yan?”, then I told him, “Matalino kasi anak mo!” . After that conversation, wala na syang tinanong ulit. Haha.  Rhaine, you know pag aalis na si mommy from work kasi nagigising ka everytime na tatayo na ko sa kama, then you will start to cry na. Humahabol ka narin, kaya sometimes nalalate ako kasi hindi ko matiis na hindi ka kargahin at patulugin ulit.

One more month to go anak, you will enter toddler stage na. Don’t be afraid because we are here for you. We will hold your hands and guide you every steps you will take. Mommy, Daddy and Ate Rhian will be at your side all the time. Don’t rush things to come, for us baby ka parin namin, ikaw parin ang bunso namin. We will throw a birthday party for you like what we did to your sister, I know you will not appreciate it for now but believe me, when time comes na nakakaintindi ka na, you will thanked us for cherishing every moments with both of you.

Sharing with you our simple celebration at home. 

Don’t worry darling, next month you will have a big party na. Yehey! 

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