Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Happy 10th Month Baby Rhiane

Hello Love! How are you? I know you’re not okay because you are not feeling well for almost 1 week na and we’re so worried about you. It’s your special day pa naman today as you reached your 10th month in this world. This past few days is very tough for us, your weight gain nothing and your Ninang Doc is so worried about that that’s why she gave you lots of vitamins and food supplement that will increase your appetite. Honestly, I’m not happy on what you are experiencing now, it really breaks my heart seeing you lonely and no energy at all. I miss your giggles, I miss your smile, I miss those glowing eyes kasi now all you want to do is to lie down and cuddle. I must admit I’m not perfect mother for you and to your ate, but darling I will do everything for you and to your sister.

This month you achieved more milestones and I’m so proud of you. You know the play hand games such as close open, Hi-5, Align, Wave Bye-Bye and Flying Kiss. Rhaine, you were able to crawl well on your hands and knees but most of the time you may have a go at pulling yourself up from sitting to standing position, well actually you love to stand, you don’t want to sit and just stay on the place where you are, even though you can sit confidently now. Super likot mo na, na kahit you’re not feeling well you were able to crawl and crawl and stand and stand. Darling, what I like about you is you can now walk while holding on to my hands or furniture, you’re so brave anak! I guess kaya mo yung katawan mo kaya it’s so easy for you get up to a standing position.

You even try to bend and pick-up a toy as I hold one of your hands. Sometimes, you tried to stand without my support however, you may find it a bit nervous that’s why you sit down again but don’t worry sweetheart because I’m here to help you. I know in the next few more months, you will able to take your first magical steps toward independence and I know when the time comes, ready narin akong hayaan kang maglakad mag isa at sundan sundan ka sa paglakad or pag takbo mo.  

Your first sand experience :) 

Now at 10 months, you already know how to operate my cellphone because your sister taught you on how to use it. Sometimes I caught you scrolling my facebook while laughing. Buti nalang kinuha ng ate mo yung phone ko before pang may mapindot ka. I remember one night, when you won’t stop crying I don’t know how to calm you until your ate gave my cellphone and tadan, ayun tumigil ka na kakaiyak. You still love to play your lips, minsan pa nga nagpapasaboy ka ng laway eh kaya in the end, para akong naligo sa laway mo. Look at you now, you have 6 little white teeth which attracts me more kasi ang ganda mon a, ang ganda pa ng ngiti mo. Your hair now is growing so fast kaya lalong lumalabas ang pagka kulot nito and you know what, your Daddy loves to touch your curly hair, ewan ko ba sa kanya mukhang na amazed sya sa buhok mo.

Rhaine, your hums are sounding more like real words. If I’m not mistaken, I heard you call you sister “Ateh” I guess yung ang una mo talagang masasabi kasi you and your sister are very close with each other. She consider you as her bestfriend and I saw you guys enjoying each other’s company. Sana hanggang tumanda kayo ganyan parin kayo ka close ha. Anyway, you show interest in what you want to say and you keep talking, don’t worry honey soon makakapag salita ka narin like your sister. 

Your personality is really emerging now, you complain if we take your toy away from you and you begin to understand many simple words or phrases that we are saying that’s why we keep on talking you so that you learn new words from us. Your social skills are developing as you give extensive smiles to everyone you meet, but you know what darling sometimes you may feel a little shy and hiding your face when you strangers try to chat you.

You can now hold your bottle on your own. All I need to do is give your milk, place you in proper position and that’s it, you will immediately grab my hand and milk time na. Did I say you love solid food? Yes! Ang lakas mo kaya sa rice! You and your sister love sopas so much! Halos sa 1 linggo thrice tayo nag sosopas and now you tasted different kinds of food and biscuits. I hope on our next monthly check-up you gain weight na ha, since our target weight on your 1st birthday is 10 kilos. We can do it anak!

So for the celebration, your dad opted to dine at Shakey’s para di na daw ako mahirapan pang magluto and same lang rin naman daw ang magagastos if ever, so right after our work sinundo na namin kayo sa bahay. Look at the photos, halatang matamlay yung eyes mo but still you manage to smile when I kissed you.

Family is LOVE! 

Happy 10th Month Rhaine! 
Mommy, Daddy and Ate Rhian loves you so much!

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