Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Happy 9th Month Baby Rhiane

Hi Baby Love,

Last week you turned nine months old. Clap Clap Clap.  Sorry, I was not able to write you a letter on time. Medyo busy si Mommy lately kasi andito sila lola and tita mo from US for short vacation. Time flies so fast anak, in the next 3 months you will enter toddler stage and for sure you will definitely enjoy it with your sister. For the past nine months of getting to know you, I’m proud to say that you are incredible! This month you have changed so much from your days of being a newborn baby.

You reached another milestones this month anak, you are a curious little girl and crawling anywhere is you favorite thing to do now. I know that you won’t be crawling for too much longer because you are eager to stand on your own (of course meron support system parin), and become more independent. You are constantly pulling yourself up and trying to explore new and undiscovered surfaces just to get something like my cellphone, remote control, power cords and even my hair comb. Wala ka ng ibang gagawin kung hindi ang isubo lahat ng makita mo. Ikaw talaga. You’d be happy playing with those things anak, that’s why we don’t spend so much money on toys, kasi for you enough na yung nasa paligid mo. You’re still a baby and still my baby okay.

Your personality has been definitely changed this month and it’s developing more and more each day and it’s so much fun to watch you. You can now understand what I am trying to say with you, like clap your hands and kiss mommy. Super clingy ka narin sobra, na halos ayaw mo ng lumayo sa akin, but what I love most is pag nag lalambing ka sa akin because you will look at my eyes then you kiss me on my lips. Pag medyo ramdam mo na naiinis na ko sayo, you will do the same. How sweet little baby, I feel incredibly blessed to have you in my life.

You love to play with your mouth, what I mean is ang hilig mong paliguan kami ng laway mo. Yes! Tuwang tuwa ka pag nilalaro mo laway mo at nakikita mong naliligo na kami sa laway mo. Haha. You continue to be a happy go lucky baby almost all of the time. Rhaine, you bring so much joy tour lives. There is never a dull moment with you, so please anak don’t lose that smile that brightens the world around you. There is no better start to our day than seeing your killer smile. Believe me darling when I tell you, you are a happy baby. People mention on how  you must be the happiest and sweetest baby they’ve ever seen because your face lights up when someone looks at you, smiles at you and talks to you.

Sometimes you catch me staring at you, e tinititigan lang naman kita kasi na amazed ako that you are really mine, that I’m stunned of your beauty and in-love with your personality. Thank you my sweet little baby for the happiness and unconditional love you bring to our lives. You have already taught me so much about what it means to be patient and selfless. Don’t lose that smile that brighten s the world around you, don’t lose the personality that can bring a smile to someone’s day kasi anak, ngiti mo palang tangal na lahat ng lungkot namin. You are special Rhaine, please never change, but when you do, Mommy will be there for you to watch and experience your growth. 

By the way, this month we celebrate with your Lola Amie, Tita Nikka and Kuya Aaron. Minsan lang to mangyari kasi sakto kakauwi lang nila from US and for sure sa pagbalik nila dito sa Philippines, malaki ka na. 

Right now, you aren’t rushing into toddlerhood pero nakikita ko na in the next few days mas makulit ka na but I want you to know more than anything, that you are loved. Your daddy and I are blessed to be your parents, your ate loves you so much and we love you to the moon and back my sweet little girl.

Love always and forever,

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