Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Happy 8th Month Baby Rhiane

Dearest Rhaine,

Here we go again, my monthly letter to you my dear bunso. Today, my newborn turns 8 months old and I can’t believe it. Time really flies so much! Okay, so where do I start? Para kasing ang dami kong gustong sabihin sayo anak, you’ve grown to be a big girl this month but when I look at you, you seem too small to be 8-month old. Until now kasi hindi ka parin malakas kumain, but don’t worry anak kasi you achieve so many milestones and I’m so proud of you.

I know you’re getting older but darling, you’re still my baby. It has not been an easy journey so far but Rhaine it’s been wonderful and rewarding every day. You already tolerate tummy time better and better. You love to push up your arms, you prefers sitting while playing with ate with colorful toys, oh by the way, did I say crawl? Oh darling, yes you can crawl na. You practiced and tried each day until finally you can do it better.

You have also learned to pull yourself up. Imagine, you can stand in your crib na. Nagulat nalang kami na halos nalibot mo na yung playpen mo na nakatayo. You also love pull up anything that will hold,  kaya kulang nalang ilagay namin sa gitna yung playpen mo eh. You know what honey, I am starting to get a bit scared now at how fast you’re growing. Pwede bang pause muna anak.

Since you already have 2 teeth, you’re such a messy eater because you grab anything na makita mo then, tadan, you will eat it immediately even my cellphone.  Haha. I guess you are amazed with the cellphone kasi maliwanag and sometimes natunog sya, but baby you will understand on how to use that gadget when you grow up, for the meantime just enjoy your toys and that empty bottle of mineral water. Haha.

 Every day, you smile and laugh. You will start to cry pag nakita mo na ako, according to your lola, “Mother’s Instinct”  daw yun, so I have no choice but to carry you and make you kiliti. You touch my face, sometimes poking me in the eye and sticking your tiny little fingers up my nose.  You such a clingy baby, kulang nalang is itali kita sa dibdib ko para kahit saan ako magpunta kasama kita. Your smile melts my heart, ang ganda kasi ng ngiti mo eh manang mana ka talaga sa akin. You always show your dimples every time you smile, kaya nga dapat naka ready lagi yung camera natin or even yung phone ko kasi I want to capture those priceless smile of yours. How I got a blessed with such a happy baby girl is beyond me, but I’m so grateful. You get older every time I blink but darling, you still look like a newborn to me. Believe me, cguro kahit maging toddle ka na, baby parin  ang tingin ko sayo.

I know few more months you're getting older.  You're growing, and one day you'll want to grow up completely. Oh please, pause muna pwede. Rhaine, no matter how old you get or how much you grow, you'll always be my baby bunso. You continue to change every day, you are becoming so much more aware of yourself and of your surroundings and because of that I’m so proud of you! I’m happy to see on how you discover things on your own. You can say “Ate” but not clearly pero okay lang yun anak, no rush naman. Just enjoy every milestone you achieve

Do you know that you love to play with your tongue. As in tadtad na kami ng laway mo, you want to try our food and but darling, you’re too young for that, for the meantime enjoy the healthy food that I prepared for you every day. You love avocados and broccoli now, you don’t like the taste of pears and apple but you always tried it kahit na nasusuka ka na, tinatry mo parin tikman. Good Job Anak! By the way, before I forgot you also chew your toes and make sounds with your hands by clapping. Yes. Bukod sa Hi-5 and Align, you already know how to clap. Yehey!

I’ve learned something for being a mom of two, it’s very challenging having two daughters with very small age gap, but for me it’s very fulfilling. Being your mommy requires a lot of patience and love, that everything you do, you do for a reason. I guess, that’s all for now, I am going to to love going through them when you’re older, I’m enjoying every age and stage as it comes.

Oh, sharing you our simple celebration during your 8th month. I invited some of your lolas and titos for our simple dinner at home. Your lola cooked Spaghetti, while I prepared home-made pizza for us, your dad bought some chicken from Andoks and your grandparents bough you chocolate from Goldilocks. Here are some of the photos during that special event. 

Happy 8th Month Rhaine!

I know someday when you grow up, you will thank me for documenting your journey in this life.  Rhaine, I love you, and today I'll hold you a little tighter while I still can. 

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