Rhian’s Milestone: “Love you, Sorry, Borrow, Thank you”

I’m proud to say that I have very loving and sweet daughters. I always thank my husband for helping me in raising our kids even though busy and pagod sya from work, he make sure to have time with them. Pag walang magbabantay sa mga anak namin, he’s willing to take charge na bantayan and mag work from home just to be with Rhian and Rhaine. Now that I have a toddler na we make sure na mababantayan namin sya at matuturuan ng magagandang asal. Rhian is a smart kid, ang bilis nyang turuan and I was surprised when my friend told me na advance level si Rhian. #ProudMommyHere.

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Rhian knows how to count from 1-10, she can now recite the alphabet, she can now complete a nursery rhymes, she can identify colors, animals, objects and now can express her feelings. Rhian is now diaper-free during day time and she can speak clearly na. Nauutusan ko narin sya and nasunod naman ang bagets, pero what I really love with ChingChing is that when I say bantayan nya yung sister nya kasi may kukunin lang ako saglit somewhere in the house or mag cocomfort room nalng ako, you will see her na nakabantay talaga sya ang nakayakap sa sister nya. One time, I saw her na may tinatangal sa bibig ni Rhaine sabay sabi “No No Rhaine, Dirty”. Looking at them on that very moment, I can’t help myself but to smile with teary eyed. Worth it lahat ng pagod because I know that we raised our kids with good manners and mapagmahal.

Whenever I got hurt or kahit sino pag medyo nasaktan ni Rhian unintentionally, she will say “Sorry” then she will hug you. At her very young age, I believe alam na nya yung meaning ng sorry. She also knows how to say Thank you, Borrow and the most important words I heard from my daughter is when she told me “Loveyou Mommy.” Mixed emotions, super happy na gusto kong umiyak na gusto kong sumigaw sa tuwa, iba pala talaga when you heard your son/daughter saying “Iloveyou” When I say “Iloveyou ChingChing", she will response “Love you Mommy” with matching kiss pa! My gosh, totoo pala mga sinasabi nila na pag nag “Iloveyou” anak mo sayo, iba ang pakiramdam. Now, everyday I got almost 10 “Iloveyou Mommy” from our panganay.

If she wants something from me or to other kids, ChingChing will politely say “borrow please”. We taught her how to respect others and be friendly. So far, hindi naman sya nang aaway, sya pa nga minsan ang inaaway. Waahhh..  Rhian always say “Thank You” pag may binibigay kaming pasalubong sa kanya. One time my sister bought her new toy, Rhian immediately says “Thank you”. Sa tuwa ng kapatid ko, napayakap sya sa anak ko. #Priceless

We are not rushing our kids to know everything, we just let them enjoy their childhood stage. In fact, they learn new things everyday naman since we are not that kind of parents na super strict. I let my kids explore and experience what life is, I know curious sila sa lahat and so we are here for them to support and explain about everything, di pa nila naiintindihan masyado yun but I know my kids are smart na kahit hindi pa nila naiintindihan lahat lahat, I believe kahit papano they have the idea of what we are trying to say to them. 
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