Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Happy 7th Month Rhaine

Rhaine turned 7 months old last March 20 and we had a simple celebration with the family. Since it falls on Sunday, we do our usual routine; go to church to pray and then mall tour at Landmark-Glorietta-SM. Yes! Walang kasawa-sawa. Hehe. My mother bought her apo a round cake from Red Ribbon, this is her promise na sya daw ang magbibigay ng cake on that day.  #SpoiledSaLola

We stroll around the mall and opted to have our dinner at North Park in Glorietta 5. Sorry I forgot to take photos of the food kasi gutom na kaming lahat. Hehe.

Mamila and Rhaine 

At 7 months, I was able to document Rhaine’s milestones and achievement. Until now, I can’t believe that in a few months I will have another toddler in tow. Oh noh! Ang bilis naman talaga ng panahon. Eto na naman ako, nagiging sentimental pag napag uusapan ang mga anak. Hayz.

My dearest Rhaine-Rhaine,

I love writing letters for your every month, so that when you are old enough and can read na, you will know how much I love you. You know what anak, I love watching you and your ate growing up, until now I cannot believe that I gave birth to you 7 months ago, it still feels like only yesterday that I was at the Delivery Room alone to have the Caesarian procedure, biglaan kasi yung paglabas mo eh, click here for the whole details on your birthing story. I love you everyday and you are getting to be more and more fun! If only I can be a stay at home mom and be with you all day, I will do it but anak your daddy and I have lots of dreams for you and for ate chingching. Soon we are going to have our own house where you and your ate will have your own room, you can swim all day, where you can play at the playground, ride in a bicycle and lots of activities kaya we need to work so hard for your future. I do hope you understand why Mommy and Daddy need to go to office everyday, believe me anak it’s so hard for me to leave you, it really breaks my heart Rhaine but before I left the house, I make sure you have a yummy and healthy breakfast. Yes, you already started eating solids. 

Nakakakaba, pero I trust you na kaya mo ng mag solids. I decided to delay your intake of solids kasi nung ika 6th month mo, nagkaroon ka ng rashes kaya worried kami to start giving you food. Don’t worry anak kasi that rashes are cause by the viral infection and nawala naman sya after 1 week.  You love potato so much (well yun palang naman and squash ang natitikman mo so far ) and you got all excited and happy whenever you saw your spoon. It was so adorable so I look forward to make some more homemade and healthy food over the next few weeks.

I’m so proud of myself that I was able to watch you grow and doing something new every day. You are growing ever so quickly and it feels like everyday, there’s a new development. Here are your milestones from this month, you crawl for the first time, nagugulat nalang kami ng Daddy mo halos mahulog ka na sa kama sa kalikutan mo, you sleep right through for 8-9 hours na nakadapa which I can’t really complain about but you still wake for a feed by 2:30am, I nurse you then you go back to your sleep. You will wake up around 8am, then eat your healthy breakfast, playtime with your sister then will took a bath. At 7 months, you are so clingy. As in wala kang ibang sinasamahan kung hindi ako, even your dad iniiyakan mo. Sometimes, naiinis ako because I’m so tired and mommy also need some rest but whenever I look at your angelic face, wala na.. Natutunaw na ang puso ko.

You are not that big baby like other kids, in fact you are still in some 3-6 months clothes now, but of course some 6-9 clothes can fit you pero Malaki pa ng unti. Don’t worry baby, because I know in a next few months lalaki ka rin. Love na love kong bihisan kayo ng ate mo kasi para narin akong may buhay na barbie. I love taking photos of your OOTD and guess what, ang hilig mo rin pala magpapicture. :)

Top - Garaminals (from US)
Leggings - Garanimals (from US)
Socks - from The Landmark
Shoes - SM Kids
Top - H&M
Leggings - H&M
Socks - from The Landmark

I love your curly hair, my gosh! I love how natural your curly hair which attracts me more and more, oh you know what anak you love to wear headband pero pili lang, tulad ka rin ng ate mo na medyo inis pag may nilalagay sa ulo. 

Until now you don’t have any teeth, but I notice that you were teething na because all you want to do is isubo at kagatin lahat ng Makita at mahawakan mo, even my cellphone and the remote control and take note anak, nagagalit ka pa pag kinukuha ko yun sayo. Oh by the way before I forgot, you also love na isubo pati paa mo. Yes my dear, naabot mo na pati paa mo. Acrobatic.

You also love reading books, in fact pag reading time na natin sa gabi mas excited ka pa kesa sa ate mo, you also grab your own book. You love the story of Mickey Mouse and Beauty and the Beast kasi every time I read it to you, you smile and laugh and laugh. I don't know kung naiintindihan mo ko or you appreciate the photos in the book. I love seeing you and your ate reading books together, in fact I captured that priceless moment. Look at these photos. 

Reading Time with Ate Rhian

Rhaine, you now show interest in touching people’s face and hair. I think you started familiarizing our faces, I love how you do it gently, I love the feeling of your little hands against my face. Kinikilig ako anak promise.  Another achievement for you this month is that you were able to experience your first every swimming lesson at Ace Water Spa c/o Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Bert Lozada Swimming School. You are very attentive and cooperative that time kaya nga sabi ng mga coaches mo gustong gusto mo daw mag swimming kasi nakikita nila. Good Job Anak!

Your big achievement this month is that you can now sit on your own, although minsan na o-out of balance ka but still you manage to control yourself from falling. I am so happy we’ve had the patience to let you do it on your own. Good Job Anak! So what’s next? I’m so excited! I can’t believe that in less than 5 months you will turn one! Don’t worry baby, your Daddy and I already started planning your first birthday party. Yehey!

Always remember this Rhaine, you make our hearts melt everyday and I wouldn’t change it for the world, kahit na offeran ako ng isang milyon, hinding hindi kita ipagpapalit kahit kanino. I love being your mom! You carry so much joy in our family and I always pray to our Lord that you would never lose that joy and happiness no matter what life may throw at you. Basta anak, andito lang kami ng Daddy mo ha, and we love you so much! 
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