Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Happy 5th Month Rhaine

This post is actually on my draft since Jan 20 but I overlooked it. I'm sorry darling if Mommy forgot to post this letter on time but better late than never anak. By the way, she turned 5 months last Jan 20 which happens to be her Ate's 2nd Birthday. Galing db. ^_^
How is it possible that 5 months have passed since you came into this world and into our life?  Wow! How time flies so fast, you were such a little peanut of a newborn just yesterday and now, you’re 5 months old today.

You are such a joy and light in our lives. Your smiles are contagious, your giggle is quiet possible the best sound in the world. You’ve started to laugh and it lights up the whole room when you do. Your generous smile (which you got from me of course!) is what keeps me going crazy. You know what anak, you like tummy time so much. Can you imagine at your very young age natutulog ka ng nakadapa. According to your pedia which is your ninang too, it’s okay to sleep na nakadapa as long as you can breath and ikaw kasi nagagalit ka pag tinitihaya kita eh. So I let you sleep like that but with strict supervision of course.

It’s so amazing that you can hold up your head, what I like more is your curly hair na until now I don’t know kung kanino ka nagmana, although according to your lola, curly hair daw ako nung bata. You know what anak,  you really love to sleep as in you’re a type of baby na masandal lang tulog. I guess nagpapalaki ka kaya ganon and the only way for you to calm down is thumb sucking. Yes! You really love your thumb. Don’t worry baby, that’s okay. I know someday when you grow up like your ate, titigil narin yang pag thumb suck mo but for now, just enjoy it.  

Rhaine, you get so excited whenever you saw me or your dad coming home from work. Grabe ang tawa mo anak, which makes us proud and talaga naman nawawala pagod namin pag uwi because of you and your ate. You guys are my strength and everything. Anak, you are so clingy and I love it and you know that naman db.  I’m so afraid that soon you won’t need me that much, naku parang di ko kakayanin yun anak and for now ayoko pa syang isipin.

Your Ate love you so much, in fact she take care of you most of the time, there are times that she get jealous with you pero I know and I feel na love na love ka nya. E halos magkapasa ka na nga sa kakahalik ng ate mo eh. Whenever I saw you guys doing things like that, super happy ang puso ko kasi I know that napa laki namin kayo ng Daddy mo in a way that every parents should do.

You haven’t started solids yet but you will in a month or so, but for now just enjoy mommy’s milk and the formula milk that your pedia doctor gave. Don’t judge me if I mixed your milk, as much as possible I want to breastfeed you until 1 year old but my milk is not enough to feed your tummy and I’m so sorry for that. Anyway, one thing you love doing is touching your Daddy’s and my face with your little fingers, you love to laugh with your Ate and you like to be held all the time. Some people say that I’m going to spoil you, but they don’t know that you and your ate just need a little extra comfort because you two are the greatest and fragile gifts from God. Anak, this world maybe exciting and scary at the same time but don’t worry your Daddy and I will be here for you and for your ate Rhian. We will guide you in every step you will take, don’t be afraid because as long as we live, we will take care of you and your ate.

Mommy and Daddy are so glad to have you in our lives. You complete our little family; your Daddy, Mommy, Ate Rhian and you anak, a perfect family that I wished for a long time. Just one request from your Mommy, please don’t grow up too fast. Please.

Rhaine, my dear. I adore every single piece of you. Like what I always tell to your Ate, I am forever yours, my sweet little angel.

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