I love my kids so much. They are God’s blessings for us. But I always put my husband first before anything else. Don’t get me wrong ha, I want my children believe in the power of marriage when they grow up. I want to have a happy family that every child needs. Well, putting your husband/wife first does not diminish the love your children feel from you. Actually, it enhances it as long as you show love to them as well.
Before we used to do everything together, we were each other's world. There was never a day that we didn't put our relationship first, but when Rhian came into our lives, our husband and wife moment set aside because we’re too busy in raising our daughter. As far as I remember, we only have more or less 8 dates together as in yung kaming 2 lang ha, movie and dinner date lang yun wala ng gala gala pa. Minsan pa nga is takas lang eh, or as in movie lang then uwi na. That is our routine until now that we have Rhaine na. Yun nga lang mas lalong lumala. I mean, kung before nakakapag date pa kami kahit papano, now that we have 2 babies na, wala na kaming date na kami lang. Can you believe na kahit na nasa bahay kami ng asawa ko is hindi na kami nakakapag usap madalas since pag uwi namin, our routine is makipaglaro sa mga bata and lessons then after that papatulugin ko na yung mga bagets na minsan e nauuna pa kong makatulog habang pinag hehele sila. Haha.
I always apologize to my husband because I know he really miss me, na kahit na magkatabi kami sa pagtulog, hindi naman namin makuha makapag usap kasi nga lagi akong nakakatulog, or sometimes pag medyo gising ako sya naman ang sleepy. So imagine that, nawala na yung husband and wife moment namin talaga.
I remember the homily during our wedding day, when the priest presider asked a simple question to us. “Sino ang dapat mong unahin? Asawa mo or mga anak mo?”. We both say, our kids of course, pero we got surprised when the priest told us na “E di sana hindi na kayo nag asawa pa, dapat nag anak nalang kayo.” He explained to us na we should priority our spouses before our kids, because you and your husband need to take care of yourselves. Mom and dad first, kids second. If mom and dad are not happy, the kids will suffer. Well, that’s true. Kasi kung kayo mismo ang di nagkakasundo and walang time for each other ano nalang makikita ng mga anak nyo pag laki nila. Communication is a the secret for a successful marriage, this is the highlights of the homily during our wedding day. That’s why, the #MarriageFirstFriday born.
My husband and I decided that we should have at least 1 day na kami lang kahit saglit. Meaning, catching up what happened for the day, and para makakain ng maayos at hindi nagmamadali. I believe some of you makakarelate na if you have kids na, pahirapan ng kumain ng maayos kasi you need to finished your meal fast para yung nagaalaga naman sa anak mo ang makakakain. And because were both working here in Ayala Makati, we decided to treat ourselves once in a while by taking our favorite pastime, FOODTRIP. So why Friday? Not Monday, not Tuesday and so on and so forth. But why Friday? Well, we chose Friday kasi every Friday lang kami hindi nagbabaon, every Friday is my pahinga day sa pagluluto ng lunch. Imagine since I am a hands-on Mom and Wife to my family, I make sure na I prepare our meals parin so ako parin ang reyna ng kusina. Friday is my day-off day sa pagluluto ng lunch lang ha, and so we decided to treat ourselves every Friday.  It is in those moments that I feel so blessed to have my partner and best friend back. So lucky to fall in love with my husband and my marriage all over again.
Here are some of our  #MarriageFirstFriday lunch out treat.
The Frying Pan 
Sarsa Kitchen 
Tempura Japanese Grill

Oh by the way, if you will ask me kung sino ang may taya or sumasagot durng our lunch out, well alternate kami dyan. Let’s say on the 1st week of the month, it’s my husband treat then automatic on the 2nd week ako naman ang taya. O db para fair. :) 

In those moments, I am reassured that my children will grow up knowing what love between their mom and dad looks and feels like.
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