Goals for 2016

Before year ends, my husband and I always discuss our goals for the upcoming year. With this we easily focus on our priorities and serve this as our guidelines and reminders that we should work hard to achieve our dreams so that at the end of the year makikita namin kung talagang na accomplish namin lahat ng yun or we should exert extra effort to accomplish everything.

2015 is an amazing year for us as we received many blessings from God and also God tests our faith through trials. Now, we are claiming that 2016 will be our year again. Please Lord, guide us this year and help us succeed our goals.


Last year, our savings turns zero because of all the expenses we had. Remember, nanganak ulit ako (Scheduled CS at MMC) and nawalan ng work kaya halos simot yung ipon namin. Ian applied for personal loan in different banks just to lessen our debts but still it’s not enough so our target this year is mabayaran lahat ng utang namin and to start our savings again.


Until now, Rhian can only speak few words compare to other toddler who can speak a sentence at the age of 2. So I got worried about her communication skills although she understands what we are saying. She just uses her hand gesture to explain what she’s trying to say, with her situation her Pedia advise us to enroll Rhian to a school kahit na saling ketket lang sya para ma-practice syang magsalita. Our target is to enroll Rhian at Barangay Hall School this coming summer.


We got a wealth and savings plan for Rhian at Pru Life which is payable for 10 years. We decided to get one for her para at least pag college na sya kahit saan school nya  gusting pumasok at kahit anong course pa gusto nyang kunin, hindi na kami mamomoblema kasi as early as now we save money for her future. Medyo mabigat pero kinakaya, that’s why we also want to get one for Rhaine this first quarter sabi nga nila kung anong ginawa/kinuha mo sa panganay mo ganon rin sa mga susunod mong anak and para narin by the time na mag school na sila hindi na mabigat sa amin mag asawa yung gastos sa pag-papaaral. Tama ba?  


Ian and I are certified travelers (before we got married, we already visited tourist destinations from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao as well as Asian Countries) so we want our kids to explore new places all over the Philippines and the world. Bakit hindi db, I know masarap mag travel pag kayong mag asawa lang pero for us mas masayang umalis at mag travel na kasama namin ang mga bata lalo na medyo na aapreciate nan i Rhian yung mga bagay bagay sa paligid nya. Mahirap mag travel na may kasama bata (I swear!) but when I see their smiles, nakakawala ng pagod eh. So hopefully this coming summer makapag out of town kami.


Well, this is for me. I blog for almost 6 years na and I want to change the theme or layout of my site. Medyo sawa na kasi ako and para bang napaka basic nyang tingan. I want to upgrade my site based on my personality; I hope I can do it with on the second quarter. Do you have any idea kung sino pwedeng gumawa or magpagawa ng site ko? I am willing to pay pero syempre minimal lang. J Let me know if you know somebody ha.

That’s it! Simple lang db. I also printed a copy of this one and placed it on my planner para everyday nababasa ko sya and source of my energy para magsumikap mag work. Hopefully by the end of 2016, lahat to magawa namin. Wish us luck guys. J

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