Rhaine's 3rd Month Celebration

Time flies so fast, it’s like just yesterday when I gave birth to my 2nd child and now she’s 3 months old na. My gosh. Anyway, like what we did to Rhian, we always celebrate every 20th, kaya every 20th of the month laging double celebration same date ko sila pinanganak. Nice db. Anyway, we had a very simple yet joyful celebration last November 20, since I have work that day I was not able to prepare food for dinner instead my sister volunteered to cook spaghetti for us while my dad brought 1 whole pizza at SNR. Of course, mawawala ba yung monthly cake, hindi noh and so my dear husband brought a chocolate cake at Tous Les Jour.

We had a tasty dinner that night and picture picture of course. After that, my mom decided na magpaagaw ng coins (this is our traditional game ever since bata pa ko), and now look at us, may kaagaw narin kami sa coins. Hihi.

Look at Ate ChingChing, super happy kasi may new found friend sya. ^_^

I always thank the Lord for giving me my own wonderful family, very supportive parents, siblings and friends, and last but definitely not the least, for giving me healthy, beautiful and happy babies (Rhian and Rhaine).  

Team Villareal
Rhian and Rhaine

Now, looking forward for another monthly celebration for our dear Baby Rhaine. Well, this time we will celebrate it at Buffet 101 in Glorietta c/o Lolo Hector. Wohooo..
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