Rhian’s 1st Dental Check-Up

Yehey! Another milestone for our panganay. Last November 19, we visited Rhian’s pediatric dentist at Medical Plaza, it was actually referred to us by her pedia doctor.  According to her pedia, it is generally recommended that a child be seen by a dentist by the age of 1 or within 6 months after her first tooth comes in but since we are still hesitant to do it when she reach 1 year old, baka kasi ma trauma sya or something, we just opted to do it before her 2nd birthday.

We were scheduled for cleaning with fluoride by 1pm and so we arrived at the clinic just in time. The clinic is so clean, the facilities are almost new, the decors are all geared to care for children to put them at ease and the all the staff are very accommodating. While waiting for her turn, ChingChing is so busy on the play area buti na yun malibang muna sya para hindi ma trauma. I even play with her while explaining that the doctor will check her teeth, I also taught her on how to show her tiny teeth.

Filling out the patient's form

Dr. Mitsy Navales-Antolin welcomed us with a big smile. The first time I saw her super gumaan na agad yung loob ko sa kanya and I know we have the right decision na sya ang kunin dentist for our child. She is not like the other dentist na isasalang ka agad, what she did first was she makes our daughter feel comfortable, she allowed her to explore the place especially the dental chair na akala nya is slide. Haha.

Before the procedure, she explains to us that the first dental visit is short and informal which involves very little treatment. It’s like a meet and greet of the child and the dentist, it is also the opportunity of a child to know that the dentist is her friend and non-threatening. Pero matalino anak ko, alam nyang may gagawin sa kanya kaya ayun kapit na sa ama nya. Hehe.

Dr. Mitsy instructed Ian to sit down on a chair and Rhian will sit on his lap, facing him. The procedure will be in the knee-to-knee position wherein Ian and Dr. Mitsy are facing each other. After that, Dr. Mitsy laid Rhian’s back with her head in her lap. This is the best position since the dentist can see clearly the child’s mouth.

Dr. Mitsy explains to us that Rhian is starting to have cavities, buti nalang daw at dinala na namin sya sa kanya para maagapan. She also check for decay and look at her gums, jaw and bite, after cleaning the teeth, Dr. Mitsy apply a fluoride since she saw that Rhian’s teeth has a stain already. What I like about her is that all our questions about our toddler’s oral health, na eexplain nyang maiigi and she even shares about good oral-hygiene habit.

Btw here are some guidelines that she told us.
  • Always help your children brush their teeth twice a day, preferably morning after breakfast and before bedtime. When brushing, use a special children's toothbrush, small with extra soft bristles.
  • Always use gentle pressure, as brushing too hard can damage the gums.
  • Night time brushing is the most important, so don't be tempted to let your children have a snack in bed.
  • After drinking milk, give your child a glass of water.
  • Try not to give too many snacks between meals - and when you do, encourage savoury ones, like fruit and raw vegetables.
  • Teach them how to rinse and spit, so they don't swallow the toothpaste.
  • When you serve fruit juice or cordial, it is best to give it well diluted.
  • Always visit your pediatric dentist every 3 months.
With Dr. Mitsy

We were schedule for our next visit after her 2nd birthday for another cleaning. Always remember that Prevention is always better than cure.  So if you want to visit Dr.Mitsy, her clinic is open from Mon-Saturday from 9pm -5pm except Tuesday all by appointment only.

Navales Clinic
Suite 1405 Medical Plaza, Makati Bldg.
Amorsolo cor Dela Rosa Sts.
Makati City
Tel No.: (+632) 817-4824 / (+632) 751-8101
Website: www.navalesdental.com
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