Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Happy 3rd Month Rhaine

Dearest Rhaine,

Happy 3rd Month Anak. You are growing up too fast, I can’t believe na 3 months ka kasi parang kelan lang nung nilabas kita. You know what baby, ever since you came into our lives, your daddy and ate rhian are so happy. I can see in their eyes how much they love you lalo na si Ate ChingChing mo na walang ibang ginawa kung hindi halikan at yakapin ka. We have lots of problems now but whenever I saw you and your ate, para ba akong nakakainom ng isang boteng super power at nakakaya namin ng daddy mo. Look at you now, you are so healthy and pretty baby (thank you Lord for giving me so much milk), I’m so proud to myself that I was able to breastfed you even if I go to work everyday. You are a certified breastfed baby like your ate.

Always remember anak that we love you so much. We are looking forward for your next milestone soon. Again, Happy 3rd Month Rhaine!

Happy 3rd Month Baby Rhaine Sophia!

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