Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Happy 2nd Month Rhaine

Hello Sweetheart, 

Oh! It's your special day today. I just want to greet our baby bunso, Happy 2nd Month! Ang bilis ng panahon grabe! Look at you na, ang laki at bigat mo na and you know what you have lots of milestone as soon as you reached your 2nd month. 

  • You begin to calm by bringing your hands to mouth and suck on them. 
  • You always smile at people whenever they looked at you. 
  • You already turn your head towards sounds.
  • You pay attention to faces and follows things in eyes and guess what, you begin to get bored if that activity does not change. Hhhmm... Mainipin kang bata. Hihi.
  • You makes hand and leg movements and can hold head up.

And because of these milestones, we are happy to talk and play with yo  u. We even give you some toys and encourage lifting your head or what we always say "Tummy Time!", Basta anak, always remember that Mommy, Daddy and Ate Rhian loves you so much!

Happy 2nd Month Rhaine Sophia!

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