Rhaine Sophia's 1st Official Photoshoot

Having another baby in the family is so much fun now. Although we really need to adjust everything -  physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. I will write on a separate post how our life change when our baby bunso came into our lives.

For the meantime, I just want to share with you her 1st ever photoshoot c/o her Dad. Rhaine is just 10 days old here but look at her, ang dami na nyang facial expressions. Nakakatuwa.

Btw, thanks Tita Que for the headband.

You are my everything!  
Sweet Dream My Dear Darling! 
Sleepy Baby 
Dad, are you done? 
Showing Off Her Dimples
Chubby Cheeks 
Darling, you look like me! - Mommy

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