Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Happy 1st Month Rhaine

My Deareast Rhaine,

Today you are one month old anak, and I'm so happy to see you growing up like your ate but until now I can't believe that it has been one of the fastest months of my life. No words can express how happy I am to have you in my life, you came into this world and completed our family. I don't care if I have sleepless nights what more important now is taking care of you like what I did to your big sister. Your ate is so in love with you as Daddy and me.  Basta anak, always remember that Mommy, Daddy and Ate Rhian loves you so much! 

Rhaine, your first month is so wonderful! You gained a lot (thanks to my golden milk), you turns your head from left to right, you lifts your head momentarily, follows moving objects and the best thing happened was you begin to smile. I really can't wait for us to do so many fun and memorable mother/daughter things in the near future, syempre kasama si Ate mo dun but I'm not in a hurry, If only I can press the slow down button on life right now, ginawa ko na since you and your ate are growing up too fast. Oh noh. 

Oh by the way anak, your big sister really wants to play and kiss you, kaya konting pacensya lang ha sa makulit mong ate. :)

Happy 1st Month Baby Rhaine Sophia!

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