Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Every Child is Unique

I’ve been SAHM for almost 2 months and half and I must say that I am enjoying being a hands-on mom to Rhian and taking care of Baby Bunso inside my tummy. This post is not a rant instead I want to give you an idea on how Ian and I raise our daughter. I’m so tired of those people comparing our child to their/other child, nakakainis lang kasi I told them na every child is unique, so please STOP comparing your child to mine. “Bakit yung anak ko ganito, ganyan, bakit si Rhian ganito..” Bakit yung anak ni ganyan lakas kumain, bakit si Rhian ganito…” These people are so insensitive. Buti nalang magaling akong sumagot at di mapagpatol sa mga ganong tanong. I’m so tired of answering those stupid questions kasi nakaka stress lang so to give you an idea how we handle our first born child, read on.


Don’t judge me if we use formula milk to Rhian rather than Fresh Milk or Breastmilk, for your information I breastfed my daughter since birth until 1 year old. Tyagaan akong nagpupump sa office namin para may mauwing gatas para sa anak ko, I just need to stop breastfeeding her when we found out that I’m pregnant with baby number two. My OB advised me to stop it because of contractions I felt everytime I breastfed Rhian. Mahirap para sa akin na itigil yun but I have no choice, I need to do it for the sake of baby number 2, my husband is so supportive, since naka 1 year narin akong mag BF kay Rhian, which is normally daw until 6 months lang. Look at our Baby Ate, she is so healthy and I’m proud to say na breastfed baby sya. Now, she’s drinking Nan Pro Three kasi yun lang ang nahiyang na milk sa kanya, we tried giving her fresh milk pero laging nasasayang because ayaw nyang inumin.

A photo posted by Rackell Villareal (@rnvillareal) on

A photo posted by Rackell Villareal (@rnvillareal) on

A photo posted by Rackell Villareal (@rnvillareal) on


Don’t judge me if my daughter sleeps like an adult – she sleeps around 10pm or 11pm. If you will tell me “bakit late na masyado para sa bata yang ganyang oras ng tulog..” now let me tell you this. This is Rhian’s sleeping hours – she will go to bed by 9pm but since masarap maglaro sa aircon na room, hindi pa talaga sya matutulog. We will play around and kulitan moments muna with daddy and baby bunso, by 10pm or 10:30pm she will drink milk na then daretso tulog. She will woke up by 9am, breakfast, playtime and around 11:30am her nap time. She will woke up by 12:30pm or sometimes 1:30pm, we will have our late lunch, take a bath, playtime and afternoon nap by 3:30pm and merienda time by 5:30pm. See,iba iba ang schedule ng tulog ng bata, I don’t force her to sleep on specific time because I want her fall asleep on her own. Hindi ko na sya hinehele, instead  tabi kaming matulog then I will sing her a lullaby then unting tapik and that’s it.


My husband and I decided not to buy clothes that are not comfortable for Rhian. Let’s say kahit anong ganda at kamahal ng dress na yun kung hindi naman komportable anak ko, why we should buy that. Rhian is so comfortable wearing shorts and shirt, sometimes pants. She has lots of dress inside the cabinet but since she really love to walk and run at the same time, we opted to dressed her up a simple shorts and shirt with matching sandals or rubber shoes. Nag dre-dress naman sya if we go to church, party or if there’s special occasions, pero pag tamang pasyal lang you will notice her outfit, pang summer talaga.

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By the way, pag sa bahay lang kami. Sando and shorts lang sya or sometimes sando and cloth diaper lang. :)


I’m happy to say na hindi picky eater si Rhian although sometimes ayaw  lang talaga nya kumain kc may nararamdaman sya. She will eat anything, if before I prepare different food for her but when she reach 14 months old, we decided to give her kung anong kinakain namin. She already tried eating sweets pero patikim tikim lang, her favorite dutchmilk and yogurt yun ang merienda nya then most of the time tinapay and biscuit talaga. Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t allow her to taste softdrinks ha since super baby pa sya pero nakatikim na rin sya ng icecream and fresh fruit shakes.


I am proud to say that I am member of Baby Led Weaning Philippines and I practice my learning to Rhian. One time a friends of mine sent me private message to FB telling me na wala daw nakakain ang bata pag hinahayaan na sila lang ang magsubo sa sarili nila, baka daw mabilaukan and super kalat daw yun saying yung pagkain,, but you know what I told her na I trust Rhian so much, so I let her feed herself. I just hand her the food in suitably-sized piece and if she like it she will eat it and if she don’t she won’t. Simple as that.

I know it’s so hard to practice BLW since Rhian just play with the food. But you know what I’m so proud of Rhian since she explores food and she can cope with different food textures and new tastes without the pressure to eat a set amount or specific food  plus the fact that I won’t have to spend time making up purees. She even joins us at mealtime

Just a simple reminder, BLW is very messy and there is a lot of waste. As in! So you have to be patient and just believe in your child, kaya nila yun.


Most of the time we let Rhian do whatever she wants to do but with strict supervision of course. Let say, we let her open the ref, the door, the television ultimo magkalat at magkalkal ng mga gamit hinahayaan namin sya para ma explore nya. I’m happy to say that through her observation on what we are doing inside the house, na aadopt na nya agad, like pag open ng television, aircon and pati pagsasalin ng water sa baso alam na nya. I let Rhian play outside, in fact sya lang ang babae dito sa amin and take note puro boys and kuyas na yung kalaro nya, she wants to play ball, taya-taya and even taguan. I let her walk and run on her own (ooppss.. of course nasa tabi parin nya ko), I let her explore the things around her kasi I believe na mas effective sya compare sa mga napapanood sa tv. Speaking of TV, I allow her to watch television not because gusto ko lang mapirmi sya but I want her to learn how to dance and sing and appreciate everything. In fact Hi-5 and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ang favorite nya. Now, everytime we watch those show napapasayaw and indak ang anak ko. Watching television often is not bad naman at all, but too much exposure to them is bad na. Ika nga nila nasa time management lang yun.

A photo posted by Rackell Villareal (@rnvillareal) on

A photo posted by Rackell Villareal (@rnvillareal) on

So I hope everything is clear na, iba iba talaga ang pagpapalaki ng magulang sa anak nila. So please stop comparing your child to another child kasi nga uulitin ko, every child is UNIQUE. 

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