From Corporate World to Stay-At-Home Mom

It’s been 1 month and half since I became a full-time mom to Rhian and honestly, I love it. At first few weeks, I’m so depressed and bored at the same time syempre for almost 10 years of working in a corporate world, ngayon lang ako nag stop mag work but you know what being a full time mom and wife is the best job ever. I’m not saying na wala na kong plan bumalik sa corporate world, actually by October this year (2 months after giving birth to baby bunso), magstart na ulit ako mag apply ng work to help my husband in our monthly needs but for now I need to rest for baby bunso and taking care of baby ate.

Here are some of the things I love being a SAHM.

More Bonding  with Rhian

When I was still working, we go to office by 9:30am and went home by 6pm. So imagine kung gano nalang kaigsi yung bonding namin ni Rhian during weekdays,and because of that we make sure to be with her during weekends. Dinadala namin sya sa mall, shopping, nag sisimba, food trip and visit her favorite place – Timezone or Kidzoona. 

Now that I am 24/7 full time mom, mas nakikilala ko anak ko. I guess it’s the right time na nawalan ako ng work to be with Rhian before dumating si Baby Bunso. Para kasing sakto na mag bonding muna kami kasi for sure pag labas ni baby bunso, mahahati na oras ko sa kanilang dalawa kaya as of now I make sure na every minute, every second magkasama kami ni Rhian.


I know how stressful to be in corporate world -  deadlines, demanding boss, bigheaded officemates, name it and lahat yan nakaka stress sa atin right, but now that I’m at home, I don’t say na wala ng stress ha (medyo may stress lang pag super active ng anak mo like Rhian which according to her pedia is normal kasi nasa toddler stage na sya) but super minimal lang ang stress ko which again good for baby bunso. Healthy and Happy Environment = Healthy and Happy Pregnant Mommy = Healthy and Happy BabyBunso.

Minimal Expenses

When you stay at home, you don’t need much money compare when you’re working. Why? Kasi nasa bahay ka lang naman eh, so hindi ka gagastos for the transpo and in that case di ka ma aattempt dumaan ng mall at baka mapabili ka ng kung ano-ano lang. I have everything na in our house for the week, our breakfast, lunch, merienda and dinner. If ever man gusto namin kumain ng merienda sa labas (which is very rare)  isang tricycle lang nasa shopwise na kami.

Beauty Rest (Sleep A Lot)

One of the reasons why I often update my blog is because I love to sleep. Hahaha. Honestly speaking, I want to update it at super dami na kong backlogs but what can I do, everytime na pinapatulog ko si Rhian is nauuna pa kong makatulog sa kanya. (Please understand me, I’m 7 months pregnant. Hihi)  I woke up everyday around 8am, prepare our breakfast and hubby’s baon, then by 10:30am it’s rhian’s nap time and whenever I open my laptop para ba kong hinihila ng kama namin kaya no choice ako kung hindi matulog. During afternoon, mas masarap matulog right after lunch so again, parang hinihila na naman ako ng kama namin pag nasa room na kami ni Rhian. Compare in the corporate world, you don’t have the right to take a nap when you are sleepy. (You only allow taking a nap during lunch break, right) but since I’m a SAHM, I can sleep whenever I want.

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Although there are some things that I missed working in corporate world but as of now, I am enjoying my new job as a Full-Time Mom.  
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