Father's Day Celebration

We celebrated Father's Day twice this year. Our 1st celebration was last Saturday, I treat my family in eat all you can merienda buffet at Dad's Glorietta where we had a chance to meet the James and Phil Younghusband and other Azkals Members. 

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After that scrumptious merienda buffet, we had the shopping galore for baby bunso c/o my daddy. So imbes na sya ang regaluhan namin, sya ang nagregalo para sa 2 nyang apo. Hihi. 

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We then opted to stay at J.Co and ate again. Nagutom ulit kakashopping at kakahabol sa anak kong makulit. :) 

with MamiLa and DadiLo
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On Sunday, we attended the mass at The Landmark Chapel and bought our baby ate a new toy. Ganito ata talaga pag magulang ka na, hindi pwedeng hindi kayo magtatagal sa Toy Kingdom para malibang ang anak sa mga laruan. We bought her new toy kasi sawa na sya sa mga laruan nya. Don't worry, may magmamana ng lahat nang toys nya. Hihi.. Imagine, we stayed here for almost 1.5 hours. Haha. 

Mommy - Rhian, picture muna tayo bago pumasok sa loob ha.
Rhian - No Mommy! 
It's Play Time :) 
Our Baby Ate is now on her own. Oh noh! Time flies so fast! 
Proud Parents :)

Look at our baby ate, she is so happy! Oh my! May dalaga na talaga kami. 

Rhian's OOTD
Shirt: Hello Kitty
Pants: Justees by SM Kids Fashion
Shoes: Converse

It's dinner time so my husband decided to try Tenka Restaurant. Japanese Shabu Shabu Eat All You Can. (will post review about this resto separately) Imagine eat all you can na ng Sat, eat all you can ulit ng Sun, kaya di na ko nagulat kung bakit 8lbs ang na gain ko in just 3 weeks. 

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And since it's Father's Day, (Ian's 3rd time to celebrate it), our children has a message to their Dad. 

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How about you? How do you celebrate the Father's Day last Sunday? 
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