Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Soon to be Mom of Two

Ever since I became SAHM, super dalang ko na magupdate ng blog. Why? Because it’s so difficult to take care of a 16-month old daughter while 6 months pregnant. Yes! I’m a hands-on Mom to Rhian 24/7 and I’m happy because nasusubaybayan ko ang paglaki nya. I will give birth to baby bunso by August 3rd week and I must say na mas natatakot ako ngayon kasi alam ko na mangyayari especially after the major operation (Scheduled CS) but my husband always told me na “Think Positive!, kung nakaya mo kay Rhian, kakayanin mo rin kay Baby Bunso!”. I know all mothers and soon-to-mothers lahat gagawin at kakayanin for the sake of their child but you know what at the back of my mind meron parin mga tanong na until now di ko kayang sagutin. How can I handle 2 babies at the same time with very small age gap? Sometimes, I’m so tired of answering their questions about “Ang aga nyo nasundan si Rhian.”, “Halos di pa gumagaling sugat mo, bibiyakin ka ulit”, “Ang mahal magpa CS ulit db?” but despite of those insensitive questions I’m so thankful for the gift that we received this year. Baby will always be a blessing, right?

When we found out that were having another baby last January this year, I got mixed emotions. We have plans that we need to cancel and focus on our upcoming baby bunso. Now that I can feel all her sipa and alon alon sa tyan, mas na eexcite na kong Makita sya. This 2nd pregnancy is much complicated than my 1st pregnancy, kasi on my 1st trimester my OB Doctor found out na mababa yung inunan ko which is very dangerous when she will do CS, masyado daw akong duduguin to the point na pwede pa nyang tangalin ang matres ko. Scary right? Pero I still believe in God that he will protect me and I will have a safe delivery.

I don’t know how to become a mom of two, kasi sa totoo lang isa palang e halos pagod pagod na ko what more pa kung 2 na sila but believe me I really enjoy being a mom. Ang sarap sa pakiramdam, waking up every morning seeing the priceless smile of my daughter, she will kiss me and hug me tightly. Hayz. Ano pa kaya kung 2 na silang hahalik at yayakap sayo every morning, e dim as masarap sa pakiramdam. But wait, there are 3 things to con sider for having two babies at the same time. (Well, we still consider Rhian as baby pa, kahit na toddler na sya. Hihi)


Every week we spent almost 5k-6k for our weekly grocery which includes Rhian’s necessities such as diaper, milk, biscuits, toiletries, etc. So imagine isa palang ang anak namin pero almost 6k per week na budget namin what more pag 2 na sila. Waahhhh..  Not only that, you also consider the other major expenses such as educational plans and vaccines. Kaya nga I promised to myself that right after I gave birth to baby bunso, maghahanap na ulit ako ng work to help my husband in our everyday expenditure.


Most of our time we spent with Rhian, sya lang ang centro ng buhay at attention namin ngayon, and we are now thinking kung pano namin imamaximize yung time namin sa kanilang dalawa. We want to have an equal time with them para walang selosanna mangyari.


Believe me, paggmagulang ka na medyo bawas na ang oras nyo for your wife/husband. I’m not saying na wala na ha, but super bihira nalang ang mga date-date nay an kasi you need to go home early for your children. Like us, once in a month we make sure to have a date na kami lang. No baby’s allowed! But after our movie and dinner date, daretso uwi na kami no more window shopping or coffee man lang kasi alam namin na naghihintay na si Rhian sa bahay. So what more if two babies na ang naghihintay sa amin? Magkakaroon pa kaya kami ng “US” time ulit. Hhhmmm.. I believe “YES” kasi we promised to each other na no matter what happens we need to keep the fire on our marriage. Naks. Dapat may kilig moment parin kahit mag dadalawa na ang anak namin. Right?

So that’s it pancit. Nakapag update na ulit ng blog kasi tulog na si Baby Ate.I hope I can update my site as often kaya lang everytime na pinapatulog ko si Rhian, nauuna pa kong makatulog sa kanya. Hihi. So good night guys! Mwah!

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