Today marks my last day in corporate world after 10 years. If you will ask me how I feel right now, well it’s mixed emotions. Why? Happy at the same time sad and nervous. Happy because I will be a full-time mom to Rhian and Baby Bunso mas matututukan ko ang every milestone ni Rhian and makakapagpahinga ako (hopefully) for Baby Bunso, sad because mamimiss ko yung pag gising ng umaga, mag prepare ng things pag pasok, unli aircon, lunch out, outing, Christmas Party, officemates na naging friends and kumara narin etc. since I’m going to stay at home for almost 5 months (I will be back to work after giving birth to baby bunso) and nervous kasi I don’t know how to feel na di nasweldo every payday and how to budget our money monthly although our company pay us half of the years of service (I work at Friendster for almost 5 years) and as a mom and wife, super hirap mag budget lalo na in our case, rent sa bahay, grocery, monthly utility bills, car and of course we need to save money for baby bunso (I will undergo CS again).

So this is the right time to say #ThankYouFriendster for everything. This is the longest job I ever had. Sa Friendster kasi you will not feel na nasa company ka (don’t get me wrong) pero we treat each other as a Family. Our workload is not as stressful like other, minsan lang kung baga, the employees are super okay and talagang comfortable kang mag work kasi okay mga ka trabaho mo. Here, walang iwanan, walang laglagan. If you need help, expect may tutulong sayo that’s why nagtagal ako dito and marami sa amin ang talagang walang balak mag resign, but sad to say walang FOREVER! I will not discuss further about our current situation kasi I respect whatever the company’s decision. I love Friendster, during my employment here ang daming nangyari sa buhay ko. I got engaged, got married, I got pregnant with Rhian, new car, new business, pregnant again etc. to sum it all, I received lots of blessings during my stay here. That’s why I’m so thankful to Friendster kasi I learned a lot.

This is one of  the reasons why I’m not updating my site as often as I want, medyo emotionally pa ko eh but now tangap ko na bukas pag gising ko (buti nalang holiday.. Hehe) sa bahay nalang ako but still I’m on the process of sending resume online for WAHM. Hopefully matangap agad ako para kahit nasa bahay lang may extra income parin.

So here are some of the highlights during my 5 years stay in Friendster.

Lunch Out

I know in the future magkikita ulit tayo mga friends, malay nyo maging officemates pa tayo sa next company natin. This is really difficult for us but let's all move on and I know someday magkakaroon ulit tayo ng pagkakataon para makapag "monthly birthday celebration" and "summer outing". Again, #ThankYouFriendster for everything.

Signing off...

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