Mishka Foldable Shoes For Preggy Moms

Even before I got pregnant with my panganay, I always wear flat shoes because I’m so comfortable wearing those kinds of shoes. So when we found out that I’m pregnant last 2013, I purchased another 3 sets of flat shoes. But since I use it every day, halos napudpod na sya. Now, I only have 5 pairs of flat shoes and I think I need to buy another set because of baby number 2. You know when you’re pregnant you are not allowed to wear high heels (this is according to some oldies), baka daw matapilok or ma-out of balance, kawawa naman si baby so  it is advisable to wear only comfortable flat shoes, additional points nalang if that shoes is foldable.

So when I found out about the Mishka Shoes, I got interested and to give you an idea Mishka Shoes is a locally made brand from our country (Philippines) that offers a wide variety of Comfortable stylish Foldable shoes for every woman’s lifestyle. Mishka Shoes is not like any other foldable shoes that the shoes itself already bend upward even if you are not wearing it.
Mishka Shoes are a combination of style, comfort and function. Style doesn’t look like it’s a foldable shoes. That most of the time you can just wear these shoes whole day with any occasion without sacrificing a woman’s outfit. Comfortable materials used with extra foam cushion in the insole. Functions as emergency shoes to stop the agony that comes from wearing high heels too long and since Mishka Shoes are foldable; you can put it inside your bag.

Look at these lovely shoes.

Mildred Foldable Sandals
Vanna Foldable Sandals

As a preggy mom, these kinds of shoes are the best since I need to be comfortable all the time. Very stylish, very unique and at the same time it is also light weight so you can bring them along when you travel.

Mishka Shoes is currently available in Landmark Makati located at the 2nd floor of Shoe Section. They are also available in different bazaar events around the Metro. So what are you waiting for, visit The Landmark store now to get their latest collections!

By the way, Mishka Shoes is present online through Facebook www.facebook.com/MishkaShoesPH and Instagram @mishkashoes, so people can be updated with their latest styles. 

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