Rhian’s 9th Month Celebration

OMG! I almost forgot to post about this, mag 10 months na si Rhian next week and ngayon ko palang ipopost yung 9th month celebration nya. I’m busy as bee na naman. Huhu. Anyway, moving forward… Our baby love turns 9 months last October 20 and as our tradition we held a simple celebration at home.

Happy 9 Month Baby Love!

My mom as usual cooked pancit for her apo, and I asked them to buy barbecue and chicken at Andoks (sayang ang discount ng senior. Hehe)

Since Cake2Go is just 1 kembot lang in our office, I decided to purchase their new best seller -  Nutella Cake.

Now, the highlight of the day is the candle blowing but actually we opted not to light the candle, kasi naman ang likot ni Rhian and gusto nyang hawakan yung cake nya, but you know what kahit na walang sindi yung candle nya naabot parin nya yung cake. Waaahhh…

My mom who is so generous, ayun nagpaagaw na naman ng coins. Well, according sa kanya okay lang maubos pera nya basta happy kami. Naks. #ThankYouMommy (Sorry walang photo kasi naman bigla nalang naghagis ng coins nanay ko. Hehe) Of course, the celebration will not be complete without picture taking.

 Three Generations (MommyLa, Mommy Rackell and Baby Rhian) 
MommyLa, Tita Grace, Ate Tess and Ate Lilia (My Mom's Kasambahay) 

Now, we are planning to celebrate her 10th month at Berjaya Hotel again but sad to say November 20 falls on weekday and lahat kami may pasok, so I guess we need to think for plan B – hhhmmmm… maybe dinner out with the whole family at Ayala Triangle right after the dancing lights show. What do you think guys? Do you have any suggestions ba? I would appreciate it so much. Thank you!

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