Rhian's OOTD (My Little Fashionista)

Perks of having a daughter is that you have your own human doll. Ang sarap ayusan and bihisan ang anak na babae (aminin nyo.. hihi) Actually, I'm not fashionista tulad ng iba, you will only see me wearing maong pants/leggings, tshirt and flat shoes sometimes dress and pag may date ako nagbobonga ng suot. Hehe. In short, simple lang.. :)

But when it comes to my daughter, aba gusto ko lagi syang presentable and naka pustura. No need to buy expensive clothes kasi what more important for me is comfortable si Rhian, db yun naman ang importante. Anyway, my in-laws are in US na (si Ian nalang naiiwan dito but eventually pupunta narin sya sa US) kaya halos 50% ng damit ni Rhian is fresh from US. (Thanks GrandMi and GrandDi)

So I want to share with you her latest #OOTD. 

Dress: Gingersnaps
Shoes: Fisher Price
Headband: Marcella

Dress: Marmellata (From US)
Shoes: Fisher-Price
Headband: Marcella  

Trick or Treat (Daddy's Office) - 1st Look
Dress: Garanimals
Leggings: Garanimals
Shoes: Fisher-Price
Headband: Marcella.

Trick or Treat (Mommy's Office) - 1st Look
Dress: Garanimals
Leggings: Garanimals
Shoes: Pitter Pat 
Headband: The Landmark

What can you say about my daughter's look? Does she looks beautiful? Of course YES! ^_^  I'm happy because at 9 months, Rhian can now stand on her own na although sometimes natutumba sya but still she can balance her body as in makikita mo na she will do everything para hindi matumba. I will upload some of her videos soon. :)

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