Our Journey Towards Parenthood Rhian’s 1st Solid Food Experience

Finally, I was able to write this another milestone of Rhian, her 1st Solid Food Experience. Yahoo.. Clap Clap Clap. Magaling.. Magaling.. Magaling.. Feeding our baby for the first time will be a moment to remember for us, it is a developmental milestone for Rhian and has to be recorded in the baby book. As a newbies parents, we were so excited to give our daughter her first solid food. So after we prepared the things that we will need, now it’s time for the actual food tasting. Naks!

Are you ready baby?

At first, super kinakabahan kami especially ako kasi baka mya sumuka ng di oras anak ko or mag poops ng di maganda. #paranoidnananay but with the help of my husband nawala na ang worry ko.. According to her pedia, since I’m a 100% Breastfeeding Mom, Rhian can now starts eating solid food when she reaches her 5 and half months. So a week before her 6th month, we decided to give Rhian her first solid food. I gave her organic food from Healthy Options, The Happy Bellies (Brown Rice baby Cereals) with DHA, Choline and Probiotics.

If you will ask me, why brown rice baby cereal for Rhian’s 1st food? 1st, because this was recommended by her pedia, 2nd, as per reviews this is the perfect first solid food for baby’s with little belly. Cereals are easily digestible and gentle for those precious bites, 3rd does not contain artificial preservatives, no added colors or artificial flavors plus it is organic goodness.

Preparing her first meal was so easy for me; I just follow the instructions at the back of the can and kudos, presenting Rhian’s first solid food.


1. Pour desire amount of cereals into bowl. (I put 1 Tbsp)

2. Add Liquid of your choice (For 1st feeding use 4 Tbsps of liquid of your choice (Water, formula milk or breast milk) for every 1Tbsp of dry cereal. Since I’m a breastfeeding mom, I use my breast milk.
3. Mix until it’s the right consistency for your baby.

4. Feed your baby right away. Throw away any leftovers.

Here are the cutest/different reactions of our little girl. Nakakatuwa talaga!  Feeding a baby is one of the most meaningful things we do as a parents.

Mom, what''s this?
Do you like it baby? 
One more mommy!
You're the cutest baby!
Yummy Mommy!
Parang nasusuka ka na anak, ayaw mo na? Hehe.
Last na yan baby, promise!
Finish! Good Job Anak!

I follow these guidelines when I introduce solid foods to Rhian.
  •  Always use clean hand, utensils and serving dishes all the time.
  • Use a small plastic bowl and plastic baby spoon (BPA Free) which is gentle on the gums. (I used AVENT Feeding Set)
  • Never introduce more than 1 food at a time. 
  • Give her a spoon on her own to play with during the meal. Rhian keeps trying to grab the spoon every time I feed her. Kaya 2 lagi ang gamit namin, isa sa kanya, isa sa akin.
  • Use the best quality food you can reasonably afford. (I give her organic vegetables and fresh fruits)
  • Let your baby dictate likes or dislikes and please NEVER force feed! (Pag niluluwa na ni Rhian yung food nya or ayaw na nyang iopen yung mouth nya, meaning ayaw na nya yung food.)
  • Never let your baby eat unattended. Baka kasi mya mabilaukan sya or something, so please put your both eyes to your baby while feeding her.
  • Last but not the least.. Be PATIENT! Since it takes some time for babies to get used to solid foods. 

We were so excited to give our daughter more healthy foods and juices. But for now, ineenjoy pa nya yung mga puréed foods like fruits and vegetables that I prepared. Up to date, she already tasted carrots, squash, sayote, sweet potato, potato, apple and banana. Then, tomorrow I will prepare mashed papaya. Happy Eating Rhian!

By the way, I got this food chart from My Mommy Friday. We will use this as our guide for our baby’s food intake. 

Di muna namin sya nilagay sa high-chair nya on her first solid food experience, alam nyo naman ang nanay nyang batang yan, kabado lagi.. Hehe. We put her in high-chair the following day, after akong kulitin ng ama nya na gamitin na yun. wahhhh...

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