Mister Turns 30!

Look Who’s 30! It’s Mister Villareal! Woohooo!!!!

Happy Happy Birthday to my wonderful and best husband that anyone could ever have. I wish you good health, happiness and success in life. May all your dreams and admiration come true, just keep believing and wishing Hon. Rhian is already so very blessed to have you as a father. I have never doubted that you are going to be a great dad, Thank you Hon! You’re simply amazing!

On your special day, I want to tell you how much I appreciate everything you do for us. You make me the happiest woman in the world. I love nothing more than lazy weekends with you and baby rhian, watching corny tagalog movies and snuggling with our daughter because whenever we’re together, that’s my home. I hope that your 30th birthday makes you happy as I was when you say “I DO!”.

Team Villareal 

Don’t worry about your age, it’s just a number, you are even hotter than the day I met you.  Youth is overrated, life begins at 30 and 30 is AWESOME! Always remember that okay! Older but still young at heart!

Again, Happy Birthday to the most loving and caring person I know. I've never been happier until I met you. 

Happy Birthday Honey!

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