Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Rhian’s Health Update (Roseola Infantum)

This week is the most exhausted for us. Why? Because our ChingChing is not feeling well for 4 days. Booo!!! But now, she’s healthy and no more fever. Thank You Lord! Best anniversary gift sa amin ni Ian. I will share with you our sentiments during this week and kung anong findings ng pedia nya sa kanya. I hope this post will help you as a 1st time parents/mommies out there, sorry medyo paranoid lang ako since I am a 1st time mom.

It was started last Sunday, after hearing the mass at Landmark and shopping galore with my family I notice our daughter na medyo matamlay and as a Mom I check her condition and worried too much. Di naman sya nilalagnat or something basta matamlay lang sya, so I thought baka pagod na sya kakagala. When we arrived at home, masigla na sya ulit that’s why I told my husband na napagod lang talaga si ChingChing (that’s what we called her sometimes, short for Tabacgingching).

Around 10:30pm, as I embraced her nafeel ko na super init nya as in parang may lagnat. I told Ian to check her baka naman kasi paranoid lang talaga ako but he told me na mainit talaga anak namin and may lagnat. I checked her temperature and I got 37.8 meaning she has a low grade fever (sinat) and as her pedia told us napag nag 37.8 temp nya is painumin agad ng Tempra. So what we did is pinainom namin sya ng gamot and monitor her temperature. That night, di ako natulog as in todo bantay ako sa kanya and every 20 minutes I need to check her body temp and write it on a piece of paper. I also notice na lagi syang nag popopoh, so lalong nag worry kaming mag asawa.. The following day, I decided to stay at home and file Emergency leave since I need to bring my baby at the hospital for further check-up, her pedia’s initial diagnosis was Roseola Infantum, a mild illness by a virus infection most involving young children from 6 months old up to three years old.

@ Makati Medical Center
High Fever. :(

Her pedia gave us pedialyte (oral solution designed to replace fluids and minerals that are lost when a child has diarrhea), she also gave us vitamins and anti-dehydration. Plus, she told us to monitor her body temperature and instruct us to come back after 2 days for blood test and urine test. Gusto kasi ng pedia nya na ma clear sya sa dengue or uti, mahirap na kasi may lagnat sya for 2-3 days plus nagtatae pa.

On our anniversary day (Thursday), Rhian’s schedule for blood and urine test. Thank God, the results are okay. She has no fever at all but the rashes spread to her neck, face, arms and legs which according to her pedia it’s normal because once the fever subsides and when the child is recovering, a red rashes appears.  Well, the rash is not contagious according to her pedia. Kasama daw talaga yun sa virus which will last from 3-7 days. Binigyan nalang nya kami ng medicine for itchiness. Roseola Infantum usually does not require antibiotics and there is no specific vaccine against or treatment for this visus, mawawala rin naman daw syang kusa.

Get Well Soon Baby Love

But for now, I thank the Lord for healing our daughter. She is now doing good and super kulit na ulit (kahit naman nung may sakit sya ang kulit kulit parin). Look at her; she really enjoys her new toy.

For more details about Roseola Infantum (Sixth Disease), click here.
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