Our Journey Towards Parenthood: First Mother’s Day Celebration

Last May 11, we celebrated my first Mother’s Day at Acacia Hotel in Alabang. Iba pala talaga ang feeling pag may nag greet na sayo na “Happy Mother’s Day!” ang sarap ng feeling, parang heaven. Hehe.  Nakakataba ng puso, sobra!

Anyway, during that day my husband prepared something for me.  I have no idea about his surprise dahil super galing nya pag dating sa mga ganyan. Ian told me that he will go to the gasoline station and let them check the car and advise me to arrange our things and be ready by 10:00am.

Around 9:30 my husband came in together with these flowers. Awww.. So sweet! So dinahilan pa talaga ang pag papa gas para lang makabili ng flowers.. Ikaw na talaga mister! Now, I realize that it is the best to receive flowers during mother’s day. Iba talaga!

Flowers from my husband

Then, I ordered for two customized cake to Pam (PamCakes), one for me and for my mother. Super sarap ng cake! We were able to eat it at the hotel during merienda and midnight snack.

We attended the mass at NSSH to thank the Lord for all the blessings that we received and right after the mass we went to our next destination – ACACIA HOTEL. Woohoooo!!!

At the lobby
Team Villareal 

After check-in, we decided to roam around the hotel and took lots of photos with our super duper cute baby girl. Medyo pagod na sya pero still she cooperate with us.

Father and Daughter 
Rhian and Friends 

Early morning, we had our buffet breakfast at Acaci. Susme! Nalula kami sa dami ng pagkain. In fairness, masarap naman yung food nila.. 

Happy Family

We took a nap in our cozy bed and woke up just in time for dinner. We went in ATC for dinner and spent some time strolling around the place. After having dinner outside, we called it a night.. zzzzzzz…

Sorry for the poor photos, I use my phone camera here.
Our last day was spent in the pool. Ang unang pag swi-swimming ni Rhian.. ^_^ (will post separately about her first ever pool experience)

We had our lunch at Max’s Grorietta before going home. Talagang sinulit namin yung araw just to be with our baby.

Even for just one day, I was able to experience how it is to live large sans the spending too large part. 

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