Rhian’s 4th Month Celebration

Last May 20, we celebrated Rhian’s 4th month and my sister’s 25th birthday at Dampa Seaside Macapagal. We had a very simple dinner together with my family.  You know naman na we do celebrate “month birthdays” with just simple celebration.

Baby Rhian and Tita JM

Every birth month, my husband decided to order for cake in different bake shop so for this month he order for Oreo Cake Express at Cake2Go.

Cake for your month birth but for us to eat! Kakainin mo rin yan soon. ^_^

Mommy, what flavor is this?
She such a charming and bungisgis baby.
Baby Rhian and The Birthday Girl

Look at our daughter, super big girl na talaga. Hayz! Darling, you’re growing up too fast.. I can’t believe you’re already four months old. It was like yesterday when I first held you in arms. #emomode 

Happy Family
With Mommy and Daddy

After the dinner, we had her monthly photoshoot. She can now pose for shoots, as in super duper hilig nan yang mag pose. May pinagmanahan eh. Ehem.. :p

My super hyper little princess
Pagod na ang baby   -_-

So that's it pancit! It was a simple monthly celebration with a lot of pictures with the family..

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