Rhian’s 1st Gala (Eastwood Mall)

After hearing the mass at Padre Pio Chapel, we decided to stroll around the Eastwood Mall. This was the first time that Rhian will experience it, yung gumala sa mall. We were happy to know that there is an event happening that day, Eastwood City host grand celebration of the canonization of Blessed John Paul II and John Paul XXIII. Super blessed talaga namin to witness this celebration.
Welcome to Eastwood!
We also got the chance to see the exhibit which is available for viewing and veneration of the faithful’s. Some of the relics are the Blessed John Paul II’s skullcap, hair strands, rosary, piece of chair he used, a piece of the bed sheet on which he died, etc.

The most important thing is FAMILY.

Anyway, we had our lunch at Serye and our favorite part, picture picture around the area. Being with my family is priceless! Mas masarap palang gumala pag may baby ka na.

Hello Sweetheart! 
Like Father, Like Daughter 
Are you tired Baby Love?
 A family is a little world that is created by LOVE. 

You know what? I’m so happy whenever you hear some comments from other people na super cute ang anak ko, para bang napapaisip ako na super worth it ang 9 hours labor ko and pag hiwa sa tyan ko. Hehe. After our mini photoshoot, we decided to go home na since pagod na si Rhian, you can see on her face that she’s so tired. Aaww.. Mukhang nabigla sa galaan ang anak ko, but still I’m happy because her first gala was success!

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