Rhian’s Sleeping Position

Believe me, when you have your own child halos every minute, every hour and every day nyo syang pipicturan. Naku, if you follow me on Instagram you will see na puro picture ng anak at asawa ko ang nandun. Hihi. Wala lang ang sarap sarap talaga magka baby, para kaming may human doll sa bahay..

Anyway, when Rhian was born I make sure na ako ang magpapatulog sa kanya and magbabantay until she wakes up. Then, when I consolidate all her pictures, I notice na ang kulit pala ng sleeping position ng anak ko. Days old palang sya eh halos nakatagilid na sya matulog until now that she’s 3 months old e parang sakop na nya buong kama namin.

I really love looking at her while she’s sleeping, para syang anghel mula sa langit. When my baby is sleeping that’s the time I realized how blessed I am because God gave me a wonderful gift ever. (emo mode na naman si mommy.) So sharing with  you her pictures while sleeping, so be ready guys kasi super dami nitong photos but I’m sure matutuwa rin kayo.

Welcome to Rhian’s Dream Land!

1 day old 
2 days old
Babies smile in their sleep because they’re listening to the whispering angels.
Cge tawa pa anak. Naglalaro na naman kayo ng guardian angel mo ha.
 Sleep solves everything. 
You are my favorite reason to lose sleep 
Sleep Tight Baby Rhian 
Honesto, Promise! 
Another smile from my baby girl

Oh noh! 1 week old ka palang anak, nakatagilid ka na. 
"Hayz! Tagal naman ni doctora. Sleep muna nga ako." - Rhian 
I really love to sleep mommy!
Sweet Dreams Sweetheart! 
The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping baby.  
Eat. Play. Sleep. Repeat
Acrobat Baby
Cge anak, sayo na yang buong kama natin. Sa lapag nalang kami matutulog ng Daddy mo.. ^_^
Sleeping baby, please do not disturb. 
Despite having a million things to do, it is very difficult to look away from my sleeping baby. She is like a magnet 
Sleep like a baby boss.

Dear Rhian,

If you want to know how much I LOVE YOU, please count all the waves in the sea. I love you in the morning and in the afternoon, I love you in the evening and underneath the moon. Please don’t grow up so fast because I want to curdle you and kiss you every day.


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