Happy Day 62: With Dr. Joelle

Vaccines are important because it protect our children from any diseases that could cause them serious health problems and spread of those diseases to others. It’s important to keep our children up to date on their vaccines.

Today, Rhian got her 2nd dose of 5 in 1 and Rota. This time my classmate in HS does the immunization, mas mura kasi yung bigay nya compare sa pedia nya in MMC. What I also like with Dr. Joelle is that sya pa mismo ang pumunta sa bahay namin para magvaccine, so no need to go out and mag leave plus I really trust her. By the way, Dr. Joelle is a licensed Pedia Doctor in Ospital ng Makati.  

Dr. Joelle and Baby Rhian

It really breaks my heart whenever I see my baby crying, e lalo na pag iniinjectionan na sya kasi super duper namumula si Rhian pag sobrang iyak but my husband always told me na para sa ikakabuti ni Baby yun and saglit lang naman yung iyak nya. Hayz! Iba talaga pakiramdam pag nanay ka pero para sa ikakabuti ng anak ko, kakayanin ko lahat.

Ginto talaga ang vaccines ng baby. Now, we are preparing for her another set of vaccines to be done this May-July. Well, according to her pedia, marami pang vaccines ang need bago mag 1 year old dapat tapos lahat yun. Oh Noh!

For your info: (Partial)
5 in 1 and Rota (3 sessions x Php 4,500 = Php 13,500)
Pneumococcal Vaccines (3 sessions x Php 4,000 = Php 12,000)

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