Happy Day 47: The Liquid Gold

Once your child is born, you have the option of feeding them with infant formula or with breast milk but before I got pregnant, I promise to myself not to use formula milk until my baby reach her 1 year old because I believe that breast milk is the best food for babies and is, indeed, “liquid gold”.

Breastfeeding is not only advantageous to the child in their first years of life.  The benefits of breastfeeding are lifelong. Breast milk protects babies and fight diseases while mom also gets benefits from breastfeeding such as lower risk of health problems like type 2 diabetes, breast and ovarian cancer. 

Since I got back to work, I pump every 3 hours to get my liquid gold in my breast. Happy to say na marami akong gatas (thank you Lord). Every day I got 12-14 oz of milk so marami akong nauuwing milk for my baby. 

The Liquid Gold
1st pump in the morning

Look at my baby, she's so healthy, jolly and super active. I'm proud to say na laking gatas ng ina ang anak ko. 

2 months old baby girl

So to all 1st time mom's out there, please mag breastfeed kayo sa baby nyo dahil di lang sya nakakatulong sa anak nyo, pati kayo ligtas sa anumang sakit. 

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