Our Journey Towards Parenthood: My Baby Blues / Postpartum Experience

Finally I have spare time to write about my postpartum experience or should I say my Baby Blues. Yes! Akala ko hindi ako tatamaan nito but sad to say tinamaan ako. Huhu.  Well, some women don’t tell anyone about their postpartum symptoms because they feel embarrassed and guilty about having these feelings at a time when they think they should be happy.

What is postpartum?

According to my research, postpartum or postnatal period is the period beginning immediately after the birth of a child and will extend for about six weeks. In this time, the mother’s body returns to a non-pregnant state including the hormone levels and uterus size.

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Honestly, having a baby is one of the happiest things that ever happened to me but also stressful one no matter how much I’ve looked forward to it or how much I love my baby, because baby blues are perfectly normal. Of course, everything has changed and I need to adjust for the sake of my baby. After giving birth I feel sad and weepy because my wound got infected, I can’t move as much as I want, super hirap to the point na gusto ko lang nakaupo or nakahiga. Super dami kong iniisip maybe because of changing hormones.

There are times when I cry without any reason, I don’t know pero alam mo yung umiiyak ka nalang bigla out of nowhere. My husband told me I cried because of anxiety about caring for our baby, lack of sleep and recovering from childbirth while caring for our newborn - all of these affect my emotions.

While crying, these are the words I always tell to my husband..

“Hon, gagaling pa ba ako?”

“Ang sakit sobra ng sugat ko, pano ko maaalagaan mabuti si Baby?”

“Ayaw ko na, suko na ko.. Di na ko gagaling..”

“Kelan ba ko gagaling?”

But my husband always told me na gagaling na ko soon, na hindi lang naman ako ang nanganak via CS, na isipin ko lang si baby, yung saya na ibinibigay ni baby sa amin. Sometimes, he shouted at me hindi dahil galit or puno na sya sa akin, but para ipaintindi sa akin na okay ako, na gagaling rin ako agad wag lang ako magmamadali, just be patient.

He always cleans my wound, he always holds my hands whenever I try to stand up and walk. For all time I cry while seeing my baby, I don’t know pero super iyak ako para lang akong baliw na basta basta nalang tutulo luha ko, habang nanonood ng TV, kumakain or kahit karga lang si baby. Can you imagine, ganyan ang routine ko everyday for the past 2 weeks. My husband and I talked every night and he always explains to me that these feelings are normal and usually go away quickly basta labanan ko lang daw.

Here are some baby blues that I encountered for the past two weeks after giving birth:
  • Feeling sad, so I cry a lot. (Hormonal Change)
  • I have no energy because of the physical pain from the delivery (C-Section)
  • Headache because I was not able to sleep (Sleep deprived), swerte ko ng makatulog ako ng 2-3 hours straight.
  • Feel overwhelmed and anxious about my ability to properly care for our baby. Syempre as a first time mom medyo hindi ko pa alam yung mga do’s and don’ts for the newborn baby.
  • Feeling worthless and guilty because I can’t help my husband in taking care of our baby. Para bang ang silbi ko lang that time is magpa dede, ihele, patulugin at bantayan si baby, other things like magpaligo, magpalit ng diaper and labhan yung mga clothes ni baby hindi ko magawa, that’s why I’m so thankful to have a very supportive husband na nag leave pa for 3 weeks just to take care of me and our baby.

These adjustments are very difficult for me because I am a first time mom, but with the help of my husband, family and friends I overcome the postpartum within 2 weeks and now I am enjoying my new job as a mom. 

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