Our Journey Toward Parenthood: Priceless Moments

"I'm tired but I'm happy. I'm sick but I'm strong."

When you became a parent, sleeping for about 4 hours are precious. Honestly, simula ng nanganak ako wala pa akong matinong tulog, how I wish makatulog ako ng 7-8 hours, makapag siesta and makaligo at magbabad sa cr ng 1 hour, but sad to say 2 months na since I gave birth wala pa ni isa dito ang nangyayari. Oooppsss.. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, in fact my life really change ever since our little precious came into our life. Ibang iba talaga pag may anak ka na - Mas masaya!

Today, I feel so weak because of this cough and colds plus body ache but I need to be strong for my 5.27 kilos baby girl. I need to carry her whenever she cries, I need to feed her every 2 hours (sometimes every one hour), I need to wake up every hour to check her condition, I need to move fast as in wiwiwi lang kailangan mabilisan or else baka magising and umiyak si baby. I do it all by myself everyday since hubby is working na, pero pag dating nya from work, sya naman in-charge kay Rhian. I want to thank my MIL for helping me, sya naglalaba ng mga damit ni baby so concentrate lang talaga ako sa kanya.

Everyday is a new challenge for me, challenge in taking care of our little girl. But you know what, I'm enjoying my new role as a hands-on mom/wife because I discover something new from my husband and our daughter. Nakakatuwang isipin na isa na kaming pamilya na parang dati lang eh pinapangarap lang namin ni Ian, now here we are ONE HAPPY FAMILY. 

Mommy + Daddy = Baby

Whenever I feel weak, I just stare at my daughter and found myself smiling. Nakakatuwa kasi na sometimes she smiles kahit tulog, just be patient na titigan sya. Well, di naman nakakasawang tingnan si Rhian eh. I love my life now, waking up seeing my two love of my life makes me complete.

Father and Daughter Bonding (What a nice view, right?!)

So here are some of our baby's photos. Naku, nakakatuwa talaga sya promise! Whenever I post a photo on my FB account, aba ang daming likes. Meron pa nga halos umabot ng 90+, which is my current profile on FB.

Good Morning Mommy! 
Sleep like a baby boss.. 
Afternoon playtime with Rhian :)
My super kulit baby girl

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