Happy Day 30: Feeding Bottle

Since day 1, I am a full time breastfeeding mom. I have a goal na until mag 1 year old si Rhian, pure breast milk ang ibibigay ko sa kanya but since few more days to go and babalik na ko sa work (booooo!!!!), I need to practice her in a feeding bottle. I read some articles saying that when you're a breastfeeding mom, you should NOT use feeding bottle, instead use feeding cup because your baby may get confuse.

You may also start bottle-feeding at least two weeks before returning to work so that you can work out any glitches ahead of time because sicking milk from a bottle requires different mouth and tongue movements than breastfeeding, of course it may take more time for your baby to get used to the change.

So today, I pumped and put my breast milk in a bottle and let my husband experience feeding our baby. Ian also told me to be out of the house for a moment because our baby can still smell me even from a distance so she may know that I'm just in the next room.

Good Job Baby!

In fairness, ang galing ni Rhian mag suck. Good Job Anak! Good Job Daddy!

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