The #100HappyDays Challenge

I know some of you are familiar with the hash tag #100HappyDays which is now viral in all social networking sites.

photo grab from here

Well, according to their website this challenge is very plain and simple, all you have to do is submit one photo every day of what made you happy then share/upload in Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hash tag #100HappyDays. Simple as that! E since masayahin naman tayong mga pinoy and there are lots of  reasons to be happy and appreciate every little things in this world that gives us a smile on our face, kaya for sure matatapos natin yung challenge na to.

But wait, before you start may I remind you that this challenge is NOT a competition! Meaning no winner of who is the happiest since everyone has the right to be happy.

I accept the challenge and registered in their website. So what are you waiting for, join na!

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