Our First Valentine’s Day As A Family

If some of you celebrated their Valentine’s day in a private and romantic dinner date, movie date or out of town, Ian and I decided to celebrate it a HOME. Yes! At Home! Nagulat ba kayo? Unlike before nung mag bf/gf palang kami, usually we go out for a dinner then movie date, but since we are now a FAMILY, we opted to stay at home with our little bundle of joy, our baby girl. 

At first nakakapanibago syempre for almost 7 years together, we always go out during this special day but eventually we realize na mas masayang na sya ngayon because of our baby girl, di naman porket sinabing Valentine’s day is for couples lang db but for everyone.  

Okay to tell you honestly, medyo nagtampo ako sa asawa ko because this is the first time I haven’t receive a bouquet of flowers from him ever since we've been together. Well, I understand him naman lalo na parehas kaming puyat and pagod kaka alaga kay baby kaya super hirap gumawa ng surprises for each other and now kasi mas focus kami kay Rhian sa lahat ng needs nya. Hello, super gastos kaya magka baby kaya dapat every cent dapat mapunta sa tama.

My husband told me that he will going to order pizza and pasta at Amici for dinner, so wag na daw akong magluto and alagaan nalang si baby. Wow naman! So around 7:30pm, the food arrived. I don’t expect anything from my husband as he arrived, hello gabi na kaya as if naman na may dala pa syang flowers db and isa pa nanlibre na nga sya ng dinner eh. But I’m wrong guys, knowing my husband, he always make sure that I can feel that I’m special during special occasions like this. So when Ian opens the door, he handed me a bags of chocolates. Yes! Bags of chocolates talaga, because I received not only one chocolate but 6 chocolates. Wow! Di naman Diabetes abot nito hon? Anyway, thank you so much honey for the chocolates. Hati kami ni baby dito. Hehe.

We had a very simple but memorable dinner, why? Because it is our first heart’s day as a family. Yes! With my own family.  Di lang kaming 2 ng asawa ko nag cecelebrate but with our little girl na. Super sarap  ng feeling as in. No scrumptious dinner, no bouquet of flowers and no love letters at all, but we have a very special gift from God - Our healthy, beautiful, lovable and active baby girl.

Look how happy we are in this photo. Now, how can I ask for more if I already have everything I want? We are so excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day again, because when the time comes malaki na si baby rhian nun. Yahooo!!!

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