Our Journey Towards Parenthood: 37 Weeks

Last January 4, marks my 37 weeks of pregnancy or almost “full term”. Wohooo.. Meaning anytime pwede ng lumabas si Baby Rhian. My body starts preparing for labor and I am unaware of what’s going on inside my tummy. This is my first check-up for 2014 and we are so excited to know the condition of our little princess.

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We arrived at Makati Med around 3:30pm and there are long queues in the clinic, in demand si Doc eh. We waited for about an hour before my turn, so while waiting my husband took our pictures together. Pantangal inip lang. Hehe.

The nurse called my name, gets my weight and bp then told me lie down for my first IE. Sobrang kinabahan ako, 1st time kong magpapa IE and malalaman kung ilan cm dilated na ko. Sharing with you my conversation with my OB.

OB – Hi Rackell, How are you? Kelan ka ulit manganganak?
Me – Hi Doc, I’m fine. January 26-Feb 1 po.
OB – 37 weeks ka na, musta galaw ni baby?
Me – Ay doc, super likot ni baby sobra.
OB – Okay let me check her heart beat.

When my OB checks for my baby’s heartbeat, I saw her face na parang alangan sya. So she keeps on pressing my tummy, I’m so worried that time, so our conversation continues.

OB – Narinig ko na heartbeat no baby, pero gusto ko marinig yung “tugtugtug”.
Me – Po? Kanina po sobrang likot nya, kumain pa nga po ako ng chocolates eh para maging active si baby.
OB – Humihina heartbeat ni baby, so after nito punta kayo sa DR for NST.

By that time, I’m so worried as in kinakabahan ako na di ko maintindihan. So many questions bugging on my mind, wala naman akong ginawang kakaiba para humina heartbeat ni baby. So I close my eyes and pray for a minute that everything will be fine.

OB – Your Baby's Heartbeat 100 – 110bpm
Me – (worried) :((

My OB started to do the IE, super duper sakit nya promise although according to my friends di naman daw masakit pero iba talaga nung ginawa na sakin. Waahhh… My OB told me to relax but I can’t, masakit eh talaga, until she said that I am already 1cm dilated. Right after my weekly check-up, Ian and I went to the delivery room for NST, that very moment we’re so scared I don’t know what’s going on inside my tummy. Alam ko and ramdam ko mga galaw ni baby pero bakit bumaba heart beat nya?! So many questions and I need an immediate answer! So inside the monitoring room, 2 nurses assist me and told me that the  test will last for 45minutes to 1 hour to monitor my baby’s heart beat and the contractions. Thank God, during the test super nagpakitang gilas si baby, sinabayan ko ng prayers and kinausap ko sya ng bongga. After an hour, the doctor called my OB and update about my status, buti naman at pinauwi rin kami agad. She instructed me to just relax, walk and walk and walk. O db, need ko daw matagtag para mapabilis yung paglabas ni baby.

That very moment, I realized na once kinabahan ako or na stress, super affected si baby. As I call my mom, I can’t stop crying sabi nga ni ian bakit daw ako umiiyak e okay naman si baby. But I told him na I felt guilty kc kung hindi ako kinabahan sa IE, di ma stress si baby and di bababa heart beat nya, now I promise to myself na when the time na gusto na ni baby lumabas from my womb, I need to relax and stay calm para healthy and di stress si baby.

Baby Rhian, I’m so sorry. I promise that mommy will be strong for you. Just keep on holding ha, malalagpasan rin natin to. We’re so excited to see you, I know you will be here when you’re ready. I love you very much baby.